Editing Items

Editing Items and compound objects allow you to edit and delete existing items and compound objects within your collection. You must have CONTENTdm administrator rights to edit metadata to use this function. If you do not have these rights, edit will not be hyperlinked on the items tab.

When you select edit from the items tab within CONTENTdm Administration, a page opens that allows you search for the item or compound object that you wish to edit. You can also click browse collection to view the entire collection within a results page. Once you have results, you can edit metadata within items and compound objects, change item permissions, delete items, replace items, and export a subset of data.

Learn about:

  1. Searching for an Item or a Compound Object
  2. Editing Items and Compound Objects
  3. Editing Item Permissions
  4. Deleting Items and Compound Objects
  5. Exporting a Metadata Subset