Adding Items

CONTENTdm provides three ways to add items to your collections:

  1. The Project Client: The Project Client is a Windows-based, digital collection builder where data and digital items can be prepared in large batches. (All users with a user account on the server can use the Project Client to add items.)
  2. CONTENTdm Administration Add Item interface: This interface is useful if you are not able to use a computer with the Project Client installed and want to add a limited amount of items. Additionally, because the Add Item interface is intentionally limited and simplified compared to the features of the Project Client, it can reduce the depth of training needed for faculty and staff. The item that you add is added to the pending queue where it must be reviewed and approved before it is added to the collection. (CONTENTdm Administration Add Item interface users and Project Client users need the same user account permissions.)
  3. Custom, end-user item submission pages: By using the Website Configuration Tool, you have the capability to add your own collection-level custom pages to your CONTENTdm Website that can include a Web form for submitting items to the pending queue for approval. End users can add items without having user accounts. For more information, see Custom Pages/Scripts.

The following information details how to use the CONTENTdm Administration Add Item interface.

Learn about:

  1. Navigating to the Add Items Interface
  2. Using the Add Items Interface

Note: The CONTENTdm Administration Add Item interface does not have all the functionality that is available using the Project Client. Use the Project Client to:

Navigating to the CONTENTdm Administration Add Items Interface

You can navigate to this page in these ways:

  • Open CONTENTdm Administration by clicking CONTENTdm Administration from the Administration menu within the Project Client. Click the Items tab and then click Add. This requires at least one of the following administrative rights:

    • Approve items and build indexes

    • Edit metadata

    • Select access rights

    • Delete and unlock items

    • Configure settings and field properties

    • Run reports/export data

  • Access CONTENTdm Administration by navigating with your browser to:


    Click the Items tab and then click Add. This requires that the user has at least one of the administrative rights listed above.

Using the Add Items Interface

With the CONTENTdm Administration Add Items interface, you can view controlled vocabulary, set permissions (if you have permissions to select access rights), and choose between having CONTENTdm generate a thumbnail for PDF, JPEG, GIF, PNG, and TIFF files, or create a custom thumbnail.

When adding a new item to the collection, the file that you are adding can be on your local computer or can be in a directory that you have already mapped to a network drive.

To Add an Item or a URL with the Add Items Interface:

  1. Open the Add Item page, using one of the three ways referenced above in Navigating to the Add Items Interface section.

  2. Select whether you wish to add an item or a URL. Then, either enter the URL or use the browse buttons to navigate to the item that you wish to add.

  3. Add the metadata related to the item or URL. Required fields are designated with a red asterisk.

  4. If you are adding metadata to an item with a controlled vocabulary, you will see a link to controlled vocabulary adjacent to the field. Click Controlled Vocabulary (or Shared Controlled Vocabulary, if shared with other fields or collections) to see a list of terms within the controlled vocabulary in a separate window. Enter a term from within that list of controlled vocabulary terms.

    Tip: Use CTRL+C and CTRL+V to copy terms from the controlled vocabulary window and paste them to the field with the controlled vocabulary. If you are adding terms that are not in the controlled vocabulary, a CONTENTdm Administrator must approve the terms before the item can be approved. For more information, see Using a Controlled Vocabulary.

  5. If you have rights to add permissions to the item, you will see an Edit link next to the Permissions field. Edit permissions, if desired.

  6. Select whether you want CONTENTdm to generate a thumbnail or whether you wish to use an existing custom thumbnail. If you are using custom thumbnails use the browse button to navigate to and select the custom thumbnail.

  7. Click Add. The item is added to the pending queue.