Getting Started With CONTENTdm

When you subscribed to CONTENTdm, you should have received a letter with your system access URLs and login information. The "Server URL" is used to access the CONTENTdm Administration web interface, which is used to manage your collections. The "Website URL" is the public front-end for your collections.

Your welcome letter contains an initial administrative login account. Use this account to log into CONTENTdm Administration the first time (Server URL). With this account, you can add more user accounts as described in Working with Users.

To begin building your collections, see our Jumpstart My First Collection overview.

To being customizing your end-user web site, see our Jumpstart My Website overview.

Your CONTENTdm subscription includes one OCR license. When you are ready to start using OCR, you will need to request an OCR activation code using the OCR Request Form. (Please note that this is not available with no-fee CONTENTdm “quickstart”.)

Your CONTENTdm subscription includes preservation archive functionality. When you are ready to start using preservation features, you will need to request activation using the Preservation Archive Request Form. For more information about using CONTENTdm's preservation archive, see the Preservation Archive Getting Started Guide. (Please note that this is not available with no-fee CONTENTdm “quickstart”.)

Join the CONTENTdm community!

The OCLC Community Center is where you can:

  • Connect with your peers, collaborate, ask questions and gain insight
  • Contribute and share ideas to improve products and services
  • Stay on top of and discuss OCLC announcements

To request access to the CONTENTdm community complete the following request form: