Localizing the End-user Help

You can customize or localize the website end-user Help page, which is available from every page of the website in the upper-right of the header navigation. The standard Help file for end-users contains tips for searching. If you want to customize the Help file to better represent information about using your website (e.g., if you have changed simple search or Advanced Search default settings), please copy the standard Help file and edit the copied file.

You should be familiar with HTML to edit the end-user Help file.

To localize or customize the standard Help file

  1. On your CONTENTdm Server, navigate to the Help file located in
    <CdmWebsite-dir >/cdm/Website/public_html/ui/custom/default/collection/default/resources/docs/helpdocs.html.

  2. Edit the file.

  3. Save the file back to the original location on the server.