Customization Support in CONTENTdm 6

OCLC supports configurations made using the Website Configuration Tool. Configuration and CSS files are not supported if they are edited outside the Website Configuration Tool.

Custom development work (including but not limited to custom scripts, CSS, pages, viewers, or work done using the API) is not officially supported by OCLC. OCLC Support staff will make an effort to answer questions, but support assistance is limited and at the discretion of OCLC.

Users are responsible for storing custom files in the \custom directory, documented by OCLC as reserved for customizations. The \custom directory will not be overwritten when applying an update to CONTENTdm. Custom files stored anywhere else in the \cdm directory structure are at risk of being overwritten during an update and OCLC will not guarantee their integrity. It is the user’s responsibility to test customizations after installing an update.

Custom scripts, stylesheets, and pages live in the \custom directory, but OCLC does not take responsibility for them working. OCLC takes responsibility for the Website Configuration Tool ability to upload them and point to them.

Application files outside the \custom directory should never be changed. Changes to these files will not be supported by OCLC.

The CONTENTdm API and scripting variables are supported as long as they follow the documentation provided in the CONTENTdm User Support Center:  OCLC will support the API in the event that it returns incorrect results (i.e., results are not as documented).  Backwards-compatibility of the API and scripting variables is important, but sometimes changes cannot be avoided. OCLC reserves the right to change the API and scripting variables at any time and cannot guarantee that code or changes you've made based on the current API and scripting variables will work with future versions of CONTENTdm.