• alias is a single collection alias, a !-delimited list of collection aliases, or "all" for all collections.

  • searchstrings is a four-part, ^-delimited group in the order field^string^mode^operator.
    Use "CISOSEARCHALL" for all fields; mode can be "all", "any", "exact", or "none"; operator can be "and" or "or".
    Multiple words in string need to be separated by "+".
    Up to six groups can be included, delimited by "!".
    To browse a collection, specify a single alias and "0" as a searchstrings value. The operator for the last searchstring will be ignored.

  • fields is a !-delimited list of field nicknames, listing the fields for which metadata should be returned.
    A maximum of five fields may be specified. A maximum of 100 bytes is returned for each field.

  • sortby is a !-delimited list of field nicknames, detailing how the result should be sorted, in field order.
    The field nicknames must appear in the field array. If the last element in the array is specified as "reverse",
    the sort will be in reverse (descending) order. Use "nosort" to sort the query by relevance.

  • maxrecs is the maximum number of records to return, from 1 to 1024.

  • start is the starting number of the first item returned in the result.

  • suppress specifies whether to suppress compound object pages from the search. Use "1" to suppress or "0" to not suppress (i.e., include pages).

  • docptr specifies the pointer value of a compound object to restrict the query just to the pages in that compound object.
    This requires that a single alias be specified. Use "0" if not specified.

  • suggest specifies whether to return a spelling suggestion, if available for the searchstring's string.
    Use "1" to get suggestions or use "0" to not return a suggestion.

  • facets is an optional !-delimited list of field nicknames to return as facets. Use "0" if not requesting facets.

  • showunpub specifies whether to show or not show items from unpublished collections.
    Use "1" if requesting items from unpublished collections or "0" to hide items from unpublished collections.

  • denormalizeFacets specifies whether to show capitalization and diacritics in facet fields that have shared Controlled Vocabulary.
    Use "1" if requesting capitalization and diacritics or "0" to turn off capitalization and diacritics.

  • format is either "xml" or "json".


This function returns a list of records produced by the query, plus a pager that contains values for start, maxrecs, and total.

If facets is included, this function returns a list of facets on the indicated field(s).

If suggest is "1", the suggested spelling is returned.

If showunpub is "1", records from unpublished collections will be included.

If denormalizeFacets is "1", and facets is not "0", but instead a !-delimited list of field nicknames, then the requested facet fields will be shown with capitalization and diacritics.