Other Customizations

CONTENTdm enables you to develop advanced customizations using PHP and the CONTENTdm API.

You also can customize or localize the end-user interface text strings and website Help page. (The website header, footer and descriptions are localized by using the Website Configuration Tool.) For more information, see Localizing the Website.

Caution: Do not directly modify website files provided by OCLC. Always use the Website Configuration Tool to edit configuration settings (CSS and XML configuration files). Configuring your website using the tools provided and integrating additional functionality using the recommended methods will provide your users with a successful experience and your organization with a maintainable, supported website that is easily upgraded over time.

Best Practices

The end-user experience for your CONTENTdm Website was developed using extensive usability testing; thereby, providing an optimal collection-discovery experience. Before you invest in modifications or extensive customizations, we recommend you consider and evaluate their priority and requirement. Become familiar with the configurations in Website Configuration Tool before deciding to make customizations that require programming skills. Additionally, make sure you are aware of the Customization Support Policy.

The directory structure of your Website contains directories reserved for site-specific customizations. These \custom directories will not be overwritten during an upgrade and, therefore, your customizations will persist. For more information about separation of standard and custom directories, see Website Overview.

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