Using the Website Configuration Tool

The Website Configuration Tool enables you to:

  • Globally or per collection (configurations set for a collection will override global configurations):
    • Refine page content, styles and behaviors
    • Refine item displays (including preventing words from being hyperlinked within metadata displays, display of full text)
    • Refine navigation and behavior of UI widgets and other features
  • Preview changes in your configurations before publishing.

Website configurations are stored in .css and config (XML) files that should only be edited using the Website Configuration Tool. The complexity of these files makes manual editing error-prone and, therefore, unsupported.

When you edit website configurations, you are working on a copy of your production style (.css) and configuration (.ini) files. The Website Configuration Tool makes a copy of the production settings files when it starts.

  • When you click the Save button, you are saving your changes to the working copy, not to production. (You can revert to the last published version of your website.)
  • When you click Preview, you are viewing your site using the working copy so you can verify your changes before pushing to production.
  • When you click Publish, you are copying from your preview settings to your production settings.

Caution: To manage changes and avoid simultaneous overwriting of configurations, we recommend that only one person at a time use the Website Configuration Tool.

Accessing the Website Configuration Tool

  1. Navigate to your CONTENTdm Administration URL. (For Hosted users: Check your Welcome e-mail. For local installations: Check with your CONTENTdm Administrator.)
  2. From CONTENTdm Administration, click the Server or Collections tab and then click Website. The Website Configuration Tool displays in a new window or tab.
  3. Log in using the same user name and password that you use when accessing CONTENTdm Administration.