Configuring the Website

CONTENTdm provides you with the Website Configuration Tool for branding and tailoring the appearance and behavior of key elements of your CONTENTdm Website and collections.

This tool enables you to configure your site by setting default values, enabling or disabling components, choosing colors, fonts and styles, and describing your website and collections. All of this is accomplished without programming skills.

You can configure your website at either a global or collection level. Global settings are the default for your entire website. Collection settings affect only one collection. If no settings exist for a collection, then global settings are used. Any configurations set for a collection will override the global configurations.

The Website Configuration Tool also enables you to use "modular customizations," including custom pages, custom CSS or custom scripts (e.g., to add a shopping cart or Google Analytics). These optional, modular customizations require some programming skills.

Configuring and customizing the website globally or at the collection level requires the appropriate permissions set in CONTENTdm Administration. For more information, see Managing Users.

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For more advanced, deep customization requirements, see Other Customizations.