Adding Stop Words

A stop word is a common word (such as "a" or "the") that is irrelevant to the information contained within a collection because it occurs so frequently. CONTENTdm ignores these common words by stopping them from being hyperlinked in metadata in the item and document viewers.

You can prevent irrelevant words from being hyperlinked within the item display page by adding stop words to the CONTENTdm stop list.

You also can add stop words to the stop list to identify words that should not be capitalized when displayed in the Refine Your Search area of search results.

Removing Metadata Hyperlinks

Metadata in searchable fields is hyperlinked automatically if hyperlinking is enabled (see the Website Configuration Tool > Items > Metadata option). By clicking hyperlinked metadata terms, end users can perform quick searches within the collection, all the collections or the collections selected by the end user. The scope of the hyperlink searches is configured in Website Configuration Tool > Items > Metadata. You can also configure the search scope to be all fields or the field where the hyperlinked term appeared.

To prevent irrelevant words from being hyperlinked within the item display page, add stop words to the CONTENTdm stop list. (To disable automatic hyperlinking from all words, edit the metadata settings in the Website Configuration Tool Items option.)

CONTENTdm utilizes a preconfigured list of common words that are not hyperlinked in your collection. These stop words apply to all collections on the CONTENTdm server. This list can be changed if you have server administration permissions in CONTENTdm Administration.

To view and edit the stop list:

  1. Open CONTENTdm Administration.

  2. Click the Server tab.

  3. Click Harvesting. The Harvesting page opens.

  4. Review the stop list to confirm that the words you want to add are not already on the list.

  5. Click the stop list Edit link. The Edit Stop List page opens.

  6. Type new stop words or paste them from another document. Use only one word per line. Stop words are not case-sensitive. To delete one or more words, select them and then press the DELETE key.

  7. Click Save to save your changes.

  8. Check your results. Words in the stop list will not appear as hyperlinked metadata within any of the viewers within CONTENTdm.