Field Properties

You can access Collection Metadata Fields if you have rights to configure settings and field properties. Using this function, administrators can view, define, and fully configure the list of collection metadata fields. These fields can be added, deleted, and reordered. You also can view and edit a set of administrative fields (some of these field properties are system-defined and cannot be edited).

You can have a maximum of 125 fields per collection, in addition to the administrative fields.

When editing collection metadata field properties, you can designate a full text field to activate the transcript functionality and enable text extraction from PDF and EAD files. You also can use a controlled vocabulary for a field. Using a controlled vocabulary enables you to restrict the terms that are entered in a specific field. You can choose to share a controlled vocabulary with other fields or collections.

After editing collection metadata field properties, index the collection to update changes, based on the following table of indexing requirements. Projects in the Project Client must always be closed and reopened to view changes made to properties or fields.

Property Edit
Building Text Index After Editing
Field Name Not required
DC Map Required
Data Type
Show Large Field
Not required
Searchable Required
Not required
Required Not required
Controlled Vocabulary Required