Collection Administration

Collection Administration is part of CONTENTdm Administration. CONTENTdm Collection Administration is accessed via a Web interface using a browser. Depending on your access rights, you may not have access to all the functions described in this section.

Tasks associated with collection administration include:

  • Configuring collections
  • Editing controlled vocabulary
  • Enabling conversion of multiple-page PDF files to compound objects
  • Enabling and setting the display image format when using full resolution images
  • Enabling Archival File Manager for full resolution and other files
  • Applying image rights options
  • Customizing the website
  • Viewing collection reports
  • Exporting metadata

You can access Collection Administration from the Project Client or by opening your browser and navigating to your CONTENTdm Server URL or IP address followed by /cgi-bin/admin/start.exe. Log in with your CONTENTdm Administrator password and select the Collections tab.

Learn about:

  1. Collection Configuration
  2. Field Properties
  3. Collection Reports
  4. Exporting Metadata
  5. Viewing Collections

For more information about customizing and configuring the website for collections, see Customizing Website section.