• Windows File Permissions: Troubleshooting file permissions problems (10/25/2011)

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Windows File Permissions: Troubleshooting file permissions problems

Last review: October 25, 2011

Description: File permissions can become corrupted when restoring from back-up or when permissions are changed higher up in the directory structure and propagated erroneously. CONTENTdm software updates can also modify file permissions.


If file permissions errors are suspected, you can restore the file permissions to the original, default permission settings.

The CONTENTdm InstallShield writes a script CONTENTdm application bin directory. The name of the script depends on your CONTENTdm version:

CONTENTdm 6 Server: "setCDMpermissions.exe" located in C:\OCLC\CONTENTdm\Content6\server\bin by default
CONTENTdm 6 Website: "perms.php" located in C:\OCLC\CONTENTdm\Content6\website\admin by default

A user with adequate rights on the server can run this script file and restore the application file permissions.

Note: These scripts restore settings to the default file permissions. If the permissions have been customized for a particular server environment, the script will overwrite those customizations. The script will not change the permissions on the collection data, only the application directory file permissions.

If you are experiencing difficulties on an earlier version of CONTENTdm, your issue may have been fixed by a later release.

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