• Limitations on video and audio in Windows (04-11-2013)

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Limitations on video and audio in Windows

Last review: April 11, 2013

Description: Large media files can cause problems in CONTENTdm, particularly in Windows installations. Playback may be cut off before completion.


On Windows installations, CONTENTdm implements PHP via FastCGI. Newer versions of CONTENTdm make optimizations for handling media and dealing with PHP limits and timeouts. Installing CONTENTdm sets instanceMaxRequests to 10000 and maxInstances to 1000. There are other FastCGI settings such as Activity Timeout, Idle Timeout, Request Timeout, and Queue Length that may be adjusted to optimize media delivery.

These FastCGI settings affect all applications running in FastCGI in all IIS instances, so changes to the settings to optimize CONTENTdm media playback could conflict with optimization and usability of other areas of the site.

If you have large video or audio files on a Windows CONTENTdm server, you may want to consider encoding and compression options or an external streaming media server. You can also consider a custom video viewer or client-based viewer, such as QuickTime or RealPlayer.

If you are experiencing difficulties on an earlier version of CONTENTdm, your issue may have been fixed by a later release.

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