• Securing Collections: Publishing vs. restricting collection data (4/8/2011)

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Securing Collections: Publishing vs. restricting collection data

Last review: April 8, 2011

Description: Setting a collection to "published" or "not published" is not the same as using collection permissions.


In CONTENTdm Administration, on the Collections > Configuration page, you can configure both Collection Status and Collection Permissions.

If a collection is given the status of "Not Published" this means that it will not appear in the drop-down lists on the Browse or Search pages. However, it is important to note that the collection can still be browsed, if a user knows its direct link (e.g., http://my.cdmwebsite.edu/browse.php?CISOROOT=/unpub). Also note that any user who is logged into CONTENTdm Administration will see unpublished collections in the drop-down lists and on the search page. This offers a way for collection administrators to see how the collection will appear in the public interface when it is finally published.

If a collection is restricted to user name or IP address, it will be completely inaccessible to anyone who does not meet the restriction. It cannot be viewed even if someone has bookmarked the collection or is able to reverse engineer the direct URL.

For more information, see Accessing and Editing Collection Configuration.

If you are experiencing difficulties on an earlier version of CONTENTdm, your issue may have been fixed by a later release.

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