• OCR Extension: Removing or deactivating an OCR license (4/8/2011)

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OCR Extension: Removing or deactivating as OCR license

Last review: April 8, 2011

Description: If an OCR Extension license needs to be moved to another computer or if a new OCR license needs to be activated, the existing OCR license first must be deactivated.


To deactivate an OCR Extension license:

1. Close the Project Client.

2. Navigate to the application folder:

C:\Program Files\OCLC\CONTENTdm Project Client\OCR

3. Look for a file with the extension ".frelf" and delete the file.

4. Start the Project Client and OCR is no longer activated.

A new OCR license can be activated in the application, or a reactivated license can be moved to another workstation.

For information about reactivating an existing OCR Extension license, see the following Support FAQ:

OCR License: Moving a license to another installation

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