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Client documentation: Authorities

Quick reference


  • Search Authority Files
    Search or browse the Library of Congress (LC) authority file interactively or via batch. Search the Chinese name authority file.

Create and edit records

Control headings in bibliographic records

Import and export records

Batch processing overview


  • Authorities: Format and Indexes
    Provides details on the format of OCLC authority records. Describes indexes and indexed fields/subfields. Also covers procedures for submitting authority record change requests. (Supersedes the Authorities User Guide.)
  • OCLC Cataloging Authorization Levels
    (quick reference)

    Hierarchy of OCLC authorizations. List of actions authorized for each level. Types of master record updates authorized for Full and higher.
  • Enhance training outline
  • Overview of the Enhance process and related mechanics, workflow, requirements, policies, practices, control and communication .

Technical bulletins

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