Cataloging Partners

  • Documentation

    WorldCat Cataloging Partners documentation

    WorldCat Cataloging Partners glossary


    WorldCat Cataloging Partners User Guide

    Detailed instructions for managing your cataloging workflow with WorldCat Cataloging Partners

    Workflow Comparison Chart

    Comparison chart for managing your cataloging workflow with PromptCat


    PromptCat Coded Generic Label File: Technical Specifications

    File formats and field types used in creating PromptCat label files

    PromptCat Quotes Implementation

    Specifications for submitting manifest data (transaction sets) to OCLC

    Vendor Guide for PromptCat, OCLC Vendor Record Contribution Program & CIP Record Upgrade Project

    Specifications for records and submitting files


    Bibliographic Formats and Standards

    Tagging conventions, input standards and guidelines for WorldCat records.

    Electronic Data Exchange (EDX) User Guide

    Sending files to or retrieving them from OCLC

    OCLC-MARC Records

    Record structure, character sets, and exchange media formatting for OCLC-MARC records on magnetic tape, via electronic file transfer or via export

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