WorldCat Cataloging Partners support

OCLC is helping streamline cataloging workflows by integrating functionality from a number of different cataloging services into WorldShare Collection Manager. Beginning in January 2016, OCLC will be transitioning WorldCat Cataloging Partners (WCP) into WorldShare Collection Manager (within the WorldShare interface, Metadata tab).

Please note that after the WCP transition begins (in late January 2016), you will want to ensure that your orders in progress have completed before re-creating those collections in Collection Manager. Please see the Collection Manager migration page for details.

Getting started

The user guide has everything you need to get started—information on workflow, ordering, profiling, record processing and options. Once you have begun using WorldCat Cataloging Partners, it is a good resource on how to retrieve data and use reports and files.

Monitor your use of WorldCat Cataloging Partners

Use the activity statistics to track your use of WorldCat Cataloging Partners in the current month or for the past 12 months—how many titles have been processed, records delivered, labels created and more.

Join the discussion

Get the advice you need or help others by discussing the following topics:

  • Profiling issues
  • Working within a local system
  • Workflow and staffing
  • Quality and quantity control
  • Improvements and/or enhancements to the WorldCat Cataloging Partners service

Frequently used documentation

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