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The Cataloging Label Program lets users of OCLC cataloging products easily print labels for library materials. The free Windows software manages the creation, display, editing and printing of pocket and spine cataloging labels.

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The Cataloging Label Program integrates seamlessly with displayed bibliographic records in OCLC Connexion browser and CatExpress. Save displayed labels to a Label Program file for printing at a later time, or create files of labels to import to the Label Program. The Label Program imports label content from files generated by WorldCat Cataloging Partners.

Flexible label viewing

You can view all labels, or search for specific labels by spine call number, author or title. Limit these results by edit status or print status, so you can find all labels at the same point in your workflow. Multiple results are displayed in a truncated data table that can be sorted by column. Double-click a label to pull up the full record for editing.

Lots of labeling options

Numerous options are available for the display and printing of labels:

  • Select one of four standard label formats: SL4, SL6, SLB and SP1
  • Print to pin feed stock or laser-print label stock; in the latter case, select column and row for the start of printing
  • Print labels immediately or mark labels for later batch printing
  • Specify multiple copies for each label
  • Customize the font and font size
  • Specify print constants, such as volume and copy. For each constant, you can print labels with specific (or ranges of) numbers or dates

Simple label management

You can manage your label files by reviewing statistics such as total labels in a file, labels edited and labels printed. You also can:

  • Create a new label within a file using a blank workform
  • Search for and delete labels you’ve already printed
  • Import additional labels into the same file
  • Import the next set of labels into a separate file
  • Move labels from one file to another
  • Store your label files on your network for sharing and archiving

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See our Cataloging Label Program Getting Started Guide to begin using the service.

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