Batchload support

OCLC is helping streamline cataloging workflows by integrating functionality from a number of different cataloging services into WorldShare Collection Manager. As a follow up to our communications earlier this year, OCLC anticipates the transition of Batchload to WorldShare Collection Manager to begin in the next few months.

Currently, we are incorporating feedback from a variety of sources including our Beta library participants and will be using this time to finalize these capabilities and ensure a positive experience for your institution when you transition.

Please visit the Collection Manager transition page for additional details to help you prepare.

The Electronic Data Exchange (EDX) service to send record files to OCLC using File Transfer Protocol has been discontinued.

An FTP/SFTP option is available. Contact OCLC Support for an FTP authorization and password. Please note that libraries uploading data associated with the WorldCat knowledge base collections might use options within Collection Manager Settings or within a collection's settings rather than use FTP/SFTP.

See the data sync collections documentation for more information.

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