Cataloging documentation, practices, and programs

Cataloging interfaces

Connexion client documentation

How to use the Windows®-based interface to catalog in OCLC Connexion. Links to Getting Started, Basics, Cataloging, and Authorities documents.

Connexion browser documentation

How to use the browser-based interface for Connexion cataloging.


How to use CatExpress for copy cataloging. CatExpress is in the Connexion browser interface.

Z39.50 Cataloging

How to use Z39.50 for cataloging.


How to use WebDewey for Dewey classification. WebDewey is in the Connexion browser interface.

Catalog Card production

Describes OCLC catalog cards. Includes guidelines and examples for adding cataloging data to records to produce catalog cards. Card production can be initiated in the Connexion client or browser if your OCLC cataloging profile includes card production.

Import Records from OCLC Services and Resolve Batch Records in Connexion

Cataloging guidelines

Bibliographic Formats and Standards

Tagging conventions, input standards and guidelines for WorldCat records.

Expert Community: Expert Guidelines

Cataloging guidelines for participants in OCLC's Expert Community.

Entering non-ALA Diacritics and Special Characters

Procedures for entering diacritics and special characters in Latin-script-based records.

See information on WorldCat quality control.

See information about Resource Description and Access.

Cataloging electronic and internet resources

Cataloging Electronic Resources: OCLC-MARC Coding Guidelines

Guidelines for creating MARC records for electronic resources.

Enhance-level cataloging

List of Enhance participants

Includes both Regular and National Level Enhance participants.

Enhance requirements and application instructions

Requirements and application instructions for Regular Enhance.

Enhance evaluation procedure

Summary of the process used to evaluate records submitted with an Enhance application.

Enhance training outline

Overview of the Enhance process and related mechanics, workflow, requirements, policies, practices, control and communication.

Enhance Guidelines (National Level)

Guidelines focused on areas where National Level Enhance has capabilities different from, or responsibilities beyond those of, Regular Enhance.

See the OCLC Cataloging Authorization Levels quick reference.

Technical bulletins


Searching WorldCat Indexes

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Description, guidelines, and examples of indexes for searching WorldCat, including fields and subfields indexed. Indexes are supported for all OCLC WorldCat search interfaces (except Z39.50), including Connexion, CatExpress, FirstSearch, and FirstSearch Resource Sharing.

Connexion: Searching WorldCat Quick Reference

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Provides summary instructions, formats, techniques, guidelines, examples, and indexes for searching WorldCat for cataloging purposes, using the Connexion client or browser interface.


WorldCat Record Use Policy

WorldCat Rights and Responsibilities for the OCLC Cooperative outlines the rights and responsibilities associated with the stewardship of the WorldCat bibliographic and holdings database by and for the OCLC cooperative.

Electronic Data Exchange (EDX) User Guide

Requirements and procedures for sending or retrieving files from OCLC services.


Record structure, character sets, and exchange media formatting for OCLC-MARC records on magnetic tape, via electronic file transfer and via export. Also provides a list of content designators and their names.

MARC 21 Bibliographic Data Elements not Implemented by OCLC

List of MARC 21 bibliographic data elements that OCLC has not implemented along with possible OCLC action to implement them.


Authorities: Format and Indexes

Provides details on the format of OCLC authority records. Describes indexes and indexed fields/subfields. Also covers procedures for submitting authority record change requests. (Supersedes the Authorities User Guide.)

OCLC Connexion: Searching Authorities Quick Reference (In PDF format only)

Provides summary instructions, formats, techniques, guidelines, examples, and indexes for searching OCLC authority records using the Connexion client or browser interface. (New in January 2009)

Local Holdings

A Holdings Primer: Principles & Standards for Local Holdings Records

General information on Z39.71 Holdings Format and MARC 21 Format for Holdings Data (MFHD); OCLC LDR format and SERHOLD format are also briefly discussed

Local Holdings Maintenance Quick Reference

Concise procedures for maintaining local holdings information via Connexion browser

Find Local Holdings

Explains how to search for local holdings records in WorldCat and use search results

Create and Maintain Local Holdings Records

Procedures for creating, editing, and deleting local holdings records; provides procedures and information for local holdings agents

Create and Apply Local Holdings Constant Data

Explains how to create, customize, and apply local holdings constant data records

OCLC-MARC Local Holdings Format Tag Chart

Brief, general information on each tag and subfield

OCLC-MARC Local Holdings Format and Standards

Detailed reference on the format for OCLC local holdings records. Defines fields, subfields, and indicators. Provides guidelines for creating and editing record content.

Local Bibliographic Data

Working with Local Bibliographic Data

Description of local bibliographic data (LBD), the fields that use LBDs, and the search labels you can use to search LBDs.

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