"X" MARCs the Spot! 18 Treasure Maps You Can Find in Libraries

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In celebration of International Talk Like a Pirate Day on Friday, 19 September 2014, check out these atlases of treasure, ghost fleets, shipwrecks and sunken booty! The world’s libraries are full of treasure maps, and here you’ll find the top 18 based on how many libraries have a copy.

  1. The atlas of shipwrecks & treasure : the history, location, and treasures of ships lost at sea by Nigel Pickford
  2. Treasures of the world, lost--and found by Allen Carroll
  3. Atlas of treasure maps. by Ferris La Verne Coffman
  4. United States treasure atlas by Thomas P Terry
  5. Great Lakes treasure wreck atlas by Thomas P Terry
  6. World treasure atlas by Thomas P Terry
  7. Bernard Romans map of Florida, 1774 by Bernard Romans
  8. Ghost fleet of the Outer Banks by National Geographic Society (U.S.). Geographic Art Division.
  9. A map of the West-Indies or the islands of America in the North Sea; with ye adjacent countries; explaning [sic] what belongs to Spain, England, France, Holland &c. also ye trade winds, and ye several tracts made by ye galleons and flota from place to place. According to ye newest and most exact observations by Herman Moll
  10. Shipwrecks and sunken treasure of the Caribbean : from the discovery of the New World to the end of the seventeenth-century ... by Alexander Rabazo
  11. Treasure map of the Great Lakes region. by Gerard Schultz
  12. Australian Geographic presents the lost Treasure of Australia by Dan Escott
  13. The world atlas of pirates : treasures and treachery on the seven seas, in maps, tall tales, and pictures by Angus Konstam
  14. Map of sunken treasure, history of piracy and Spanish gold fleets, old wreck locations, recovered treasure, salvage, identification: Florida and the Caribbean.
  15. Treasures, sunken boats, and ghost towns, in the State of Louisiana. by George L Lechler
  16. Frederickson's treasure chart of lost ships and cargoes in the Frankfort, Michigan area : 200 miles, 200 ships, 2 billion dollars by Arthur C Frederickson and Lucy F Frederickson
  17. Marine disasters of Cape Cod. by B W Luther, Peter J Closson and Paulette Richard
  18. Treasure shores of the Oregon coast, where Coos Bay meets the Pacific. by Jay B Tower

This is the fourth list in our feature: Treasure Aisles: 5 Lists for International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

PS: If you're not a librarian, the title of this post will look like a typo. It's not. It's a pun for librarians. A bad one, yes. But, hey . . . we're pirates this week.

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