Key to entries

Example entry

A Ranking The title's ranking in the list. The more libraries that own an item, the higher it ranks.
B Title A popularized, anglicized, title for the work. Sometimes the titles for the items that make up the work vary by edition, country of publication or distributor, language, etc.
C Author Author's name, if any.
D Library holdings The total number of works held by libraries.
E Bibliographic records The total number of catalog records that compose the work. In librarianship, each edition, translation, version, etc. gets a distinct catalog record, and this figure represents the work's publication history accordingly.
F Rank on complete list If you are looking at a sub-list, we also provide the item's ranking on the Complete Top 1000 list.
G Find this title in an OCLC library near you Click on this to find the title in an OCLC library near you. Then click progressively down the list of ISBNs on the left. This uses OCLC Research's xISBN-enriched lookup service for Open WorldCat.
H [Thumbnail] Cover art of an arbitrary edition of the work is included whenever available.