Digital Visitors and Residents: What Motivates Engagement with the Digital Information Environment?

Events, Media, and Other Impacts


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Reflections on the Event

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Reflections on the Broadcast
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Examples of V&R Being Used in Professional Practice

Truelove, Ian. BA (Hons) graphic arts & design. Leeds Metropolitan University.

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[One of the assignments they have to undertake is to complete a reflective journal over the 10 weeks of the module on their experience of using technology in learning. In this assignment a number of students have talked about how at the start of the module they felt like Digital Natives—a term they had heard and felt or had been told applied to them. Some also thought that perhaps all this social technology stuff was something they ought to be doing. As they course progressed they began to feel less like this and the Visitors and Residents Principle has been a useful metaphor to help them make sense of and describe their own behaviour.

For example, one student who opened her reflection with the statement: "I have never felt totally at ease with ICT systems . . . and as a result looked forward to this module with dread." later reflected that: "It was at this stage [after exploring the Visitors and Residents Principle] that I began to feel confident not only in my use of ICT but also how I could utilize it [in teaching]"]

V&R mapping being used in Northumbria University as a tool for staff development.

V&R used in "Change11" Massively Open Online Course.

Emerging findings from the project being used in an online teacher training course run by Brookes University.

Other impacts

Interest in the recently published First Monday paper on Visitors and Residents by the commercial sector (Confused of Calcutta)

Positive comment on Learning Black Market post from Blackboard's President of Learning and Teaching.

Interest from Oxford University Press in relation to their discoverability activities.