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Dear ATF readers, Welcome to the new year. Along with my colleagues in OCLC Research I wish the best for you in 2015. At this point you have probably had your fill of year-end lists (although the OCLC Research one was, I hope, interesting and useful). I know my interest has waned. Consequently as 2014 recedes I’m offering you a personal selection of long-form articles that piqued one of my interests, passions or hot buttons during the course of the past year. Get your Instapaper or Readability account ready. Best, Jim


Japanese Baseball Hopeful Makes a Pitch for Glory

The Wall Street Journal • 24 July 2014

I am fascinated by Japan's fascination with baseball. Even if you are not a fan this multi-media reporting should hold your interest. For more, check out this article about a mysterious Japanese pitcher with a sense of honor who has been playing out his Yankee contract in the minor leagues. (Michalko)

Wonder Woman's Secret Past

The New Yorker • 22 September 2014

I always thought she deserved her own movie in this current outburst of superhero films. Now that I know the way in which her genesis was tied to Margaret Sanger, utopian feminism and free love I am positive that movie needs to be made. (Michalko)

Who Killed Wikipedia?

Pacific Standard • 17 November 2014

We should worry about Wikipedia. Especially because Wikipedia loves libraries. (Michalko)

The 350,000 Percent Rise of Christopher Wool's Masterpiece Painting

Bloomberg Businessweek • 9 October 2014

I was always afraid the contemporary art market might work like this. Talk about the last bastion of insider trading. (Michalko)

The Sonny Rollins/"New Yorker" Controversy and Jazz's Image Problem

Pop Matters • 18 August 2014

The best analysis of this dust-up that I have read. I care about jazz but even if you don’t you would likely get that the New Yorker article was satiric and echoed your own skepticism about the music. (Michalko)

How YouTube and Internet Journalism Destroyed Tom Cruise, Our Last Real Movie Star

LA Weekly • 20 May 2014

A fascinating look at one of the early viral video events—a lot of people sure thought they saw him jumping up and down on Oprah's sofa. Nope. (Perez Hilton coined the term "Brangelina"—who knew?) (Michalko)

Silicon Valley's Brutal Ageism

New Republic • 23 March 2014

What it feels like to be washed up at 35? "The most common advice V.C.s give entrepreneurs is to solve a problem they encounter in their daily lives. Unfortunately, the problems the average 22-year-old male programmer has experienced are all about being an affluent single guy in Northern California." And of course, The New Republic magazine, having just turned 100, has been ravaged by its Facebook prince owner. (Michalko)

How I Lost the Big One

Legal Affiars • March/April 2004

Larry Lessig is thoughtfully and heartbreakingly honest in saying that "when Eric Eldred's crusade to save the public domain reached the Supreme Court, it needed the help of a lawyer, not a scholar." I was lucky enough to take the Harvard CopyrightX course in 2014 and this was brought forward for section discussion. (Michalko)

Searching for Joe K

Metro • 18 July 2014

These Swedish journalists unravel a mystery that baffled Swedes and others around the world for seven years. A mysterious book started arriving in hundreds of Swedes' mailboxes. But no one knows who wrote it, or why it is being distributed. But a few of the volumes have found their way to libraries who naturally cataloged it—Being or Nothingness. (Michalko)

Catch: The Addictive New Game By A Graphic Design Guru

Co.Design • 27 October 2014

This last will cost you—99 cents. Or you can just look at the pretty screen shots in this article and skip the addiction. (Michalko)

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