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A Brief History of American Labor

The American Prospect

See also: The Rise and Fall of America's Labor Unions
KQED news • 2 July 2014

Did you think it was this low? Labor Day is a national holiday in the US. Organized labor is in serious decline in the US. Private-sector unionization has fallen to 6.9 percent—the lowest since the depths of the Depression. The share of GDP and corporate revenues going to wages and benefits is the lowest it's been since World War II.

I am the grateful product of a union family—railroad and steel workers—and was once a member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. (Michalko)




Crowdfunding is Doomed—There are Too Many Fingers in Too Many Apple Pies

The New Statesman • 26 August 2014

How wise is the crowd with its money? Will Self looks at crowdfunding through the lens of the principles first enshrined in the James Surowiecki book The Wisdom of Crowds. Among other things he concludes "My suspicion is that the efficacy of crowdfunding will in fact decline in inverse correlation to its success. Put differently: the more money that's raised, the less wise will be the crowd that raises it. I call this theory, "The Idiocy of the $49,000 Apple Pie."

Will Self is always interesting to me. There are, of course, contrary opinions including this from Mike Merrill "The Wonderful Madness of Crowds". I haven't ever put up funds in this fashion. The only time I was tempted was to fund a new recording by Dr. Lonnie Smith—and he raised the money even before I could hit the button. (Michalko)



The Four Delusions That Cost VCs Money

Pando Daily • 29 August 2014

VCs aren't the only ones with delusions. Rick Lewis a partner at USVP explains how preconceived notions can get in the way and make it easy to dismiss an entrepreneur who could turn out be the next big thing.

This is short and worth the quick read. Some of the discussions about technologies and innovations in the higher education sphere get subjected to very similar preconceived notions. Confronted with Massive Open Online Courses the professor says "I wouldn't take one of those." (Michalko)



What's Coming Up, What Happened, How Can I Help, and What the Heck is this E-Blast For, Anyway?

Museum 2.0 • 27 August 2014

What's your e-blast for? This very short blog post is a reminder about how to construct regular organizational communications to your constituents that are actually engaging.

Certainly any of us who send out regular e-newsletters will agree that it is tough to find the balance between click-bait and mission-driven communication. We struggle with it in OCLC Research. Witness our What In The WorldCat? lists. Alien Abductions or Collections of Distinction. (Michalko)



Ten Types of Analytical Innovation

Deloitte University Press • 6 August 2014

Tom Davenport of Deloitte writes about the ten types of innovation and how they can be driven, supported, or measured with analytics.

This was interesting mostly because it introduced me to the nice typology of innovation championed by this division of the Deloitte consulting firm. These go back to 2011 and are clearly summarized in this interactive graphic. Their Network, Structure and Customer Engagement types are variants of the Institutional , Infrastructure and Engagement innovations that Lorcan has been pointing libraries toward in recent presentations. (Michalko)


Texting, Bingo, and Anger

XKCD Explains Why Texting is Good for Writing Skills
TeleRead • 29 August 2014

Bingo!… Is Not Patentable Just Because You Put It On The Internet
Techdirt • 27 August 2014

Researchers Identify Origin and Purpose of the Facial Expression for Anger
PsyPost • 28 August 2014

A cartoon — peruse at your own risk.
A rant — with which I strongly agree.
A scary face — because academic research needs more. (Michalko)



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