Research Publications Newsletters Above the Fold Above the Fold - 9 June 2014

We're glad that you are a subscriber to the Above the Fold e-newsletter that OCLC Research has been publishing more or less weekly since September 2008 (archives). You are part of an audience that has grown steadily over the years. We're grateful to have earned your attention and want to keep it in the future.

Above the Fold hasn't folded. We're coming back from a break. We've been on a short hiatus changing the way we produce ATF and multiplying the ways we can deliver it. We know people like to consume their information via many channels and in different quantities. We also know that readers want to engage with others who are reading the same thing. In the past we haven't been able to push ATF out as each article is discovered, haven't been able to get them into your Twitter feed, and, most importantly, have not been able to support your feedback and commentary on the articles we recommend to you.

We're introducing the Above the Fold blog. Over the next month or so we'll be shifting our practices so that each recommended article will appear as an individual blog post along with our commentary. We'll tweet those posts. If you want to get notified as they appear then you can follow @ATFOCLC. When we've got an issue-worthy set of 5-6 new recommendations we will send that out to you via this
traditional e-newsletter format.

Since you are a subscriber you don't need to do anything. You just have some new opportunities. You can follow the Twitter account (@ATFOCLC). Get an RSS feed from the blog. And continue to get the e-mailed newsletter. All of them will bring you back to the blog where you can tell other readers (and us) what you think.

If you like ATF then be sure to tell others. We'd welcome them to the community of readers.  Best regards, Jim