Dear ATF readers,

Welcome to 2014. Best wishes for good things throughout this new year. We're saying goodbye to 2013 the way so many do, by making a list. In this case it is a list of lists, many of which contain lists. (Can you say recursive?) I hope you'll enjoy the compilation. Many of these are here as a result of a shout-out to my OCLC Research colleagues before the holidays. As always they came through promptly and cleverly. I look forward to another year of working with them and with you.

Jim Michalko


10 Amazing Scientific Facts About Lists

The Guardian • 28 February 2013

List-ology. People are naturally attracted to lists; most lists consist of 10 items; and most people remember the first, the last and a few in between. Read on for insight into how list-making complements the brain's memory mechanism.

And, of course, there are lists referenced within this list of list facts. But I only remember the last one because of the recency effect. (Michalko)

The Best Book Covers of 2013

Leadership Insights/Skip Prichard • 30 December 2013

By design. Browse through this eclectic mix of eye-catching book covers and add some new titles to your reading list. The collection showcases the art of publication packaging through crisp photography, clever graphics, whimsical artwork, flowing typography and more.

These are lovely covers. Here's more from the best art and design books of 2013. I was particularly taken with "Before I die I want to . . .," (Michalko)

Most Popular Top 10s of 2013

Lifehacker • 3 December 2013

Potpourri. Peruse this list of 20 Top 10 lists for a little bit of everything—from electronics hacks to smarter Googling to life task automation (bonus word for the day: janky).

Don't miss Top 10 Jankiest Life Hacks That Actually Work Wonders. Aging slang apparently but new to me. (Michalko)

Top 10 Everything in 2013

Time Magazine

Multiple choice. Click through for Time's take on Top 10 lists, covering popular culture, medical breakthroughs, tech gadgets, Pope stories and more. There's something here for everyone.

This is a rabbit hole. Go down it at your peril. I went down and bring this oddity to your attention—a Petula Clark song on their list of top ten songs—Cut Copy Me. (Michalko)

The 10 Most Filling Foods for Weight Loss

ABC News • 10 December 2013

Bon appetite. Check out these suggestions for shedding post-season pounds and post it on your fridge for dietary inspiration.

Greek yogurt—not a surprise. (Michalko)

The 8 Best Cocktail Trends of 2013

Paste Magazine • 13 December 2013

Drink up. Check out the latest in cocktail-mania—from smoked ice to applejack and Applejacks. Who knew cocktails could become the next healthfood trend?

I got some Smoky Bitters from E.Smith Mercantile that my daughter sourced in Seattle. Makes a different Manhattan. (Michalko)

10 Dizzying Structures Perched on Cliffs

Listverse • 16 December 2013

Bird's eye view. Check out these gravity-defying habitats, shrines, sculptures and more—they're a reminder of the power of human will to overcome adversity and realize even the most impossible dreams.

Vertigo is me so these got me weak-kneed. However, I could probably handle the tree house built by my colleague Roy Tennant. (Michalko)

33 Meticulous Cleaning Tricks for the OCD Person Inside You

Buzzfeed • 18 September 2012

Clean sweep. This list offers suggestions on how to clean absolutely everything. Some of the more quirky tips include cleaning your dishwasher with lemonade-flavored Kool-aid and wiping down artwork with a sliced bagel. If you're the type of person who dusts light bulbs, this list is for you.

I love this kind of stuff. (Can you say OCD?) But #26. Really. Only if #25 is: Buy more liability insurance. (Michalko)

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