December 23, 2008    |   Vol. 1, No. 17    |   ISSN: 1943-1457
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Grow as a Leader Now  (External site)

Harvard Management Update   •  December 2008

Challenge yourself. Want to expand your leadership potential? Try filling in for an absent colleague or swapping projects for a fresh perspective. Volunteer to tackle that "problem area" that everyone's been avoiding or take responsibility for a high-profile committee. Still not challenged? Look outside your job for mentoring and volunteer opportunities.

These suggestions aren't just about leadership. They're also good tips for refreshing your point of view and putting challenge and satisfaction into your work. ( Michalko)

Crowdsourcing Innovation: Q&A with Dwayne Spradlin of InnoCentive  (External site)

Fast Company   •  December 15, 2008

Open innovation in the nonprofit sector. Find out how prize-based philanthropy can help generate answers to difficult problems—from safe drinking water in sub-Saharan Africa to oil-spill cleanup in Alaska. How could you harness the energy of online do-gooders to tackle a social issue in your community?

It's interesting to consider whether there are challenges in our domains that would lend themselves to this approach. I suspect that many of our grand challenges need coordination and collective will rather than innovative technologies. ( Michalko)

Instore Web 3.0 Scouting  (External site)

Physorg.com   •  December 9, 2008

Shopping made easy. Just snap a photo of a barcode and the WOM (word-of-mouth) Scouter offers advice on the product gleaned from metadata, including blogged product reviews. Now this is semantic computing with a practical application!

There are actually a variety of approaches that accomplish similar goals via the barcode and your mobile. The Google Android Developer Challenge produced some very clever applications including CompareEverywhere which checks WorldCat among other sources when pointed at a book's barcode. ( Michalko)

Writer's Tool Box: 35 Best Tools for Writing Online  (External site)

Mashup.com   •  December 13, 2008

Blogging 101. Most organizations have at least one blog now, so here's a handy primer on what's available to help you do it well. Check out writing applications, blogging and microblogging tools and the links to major bookfairs.

This list of suggestions isn't new to me, but it contains good, basic advice (especially if you've made a new year's resolution to do your online writing more efficient or effective). ( Michalko)

The Internet of 2020: More Cellphones, Intolerance; Less DRM  (External site)

Ars Technica   •  December 15, 2008

The demise of DRM and the rise of online tribes. A new survey by the Pew Internet & American Life Project predicts that the days are numbered for digital rights management technology, although the battle between content owners and crackers will continue. Meanwhile, in the future your community will depend more on who you hang out with online than where you live.

All Pew Internet reports are worth your time. As our librarian at OCLC, Tam Dalrymple, said "The report is not easily skimmable, since it consists mostly of opinions and predictions, including direct quotes, of 1,196 participants who shared their views." Look through it anyway. My colleague, Roy Tennant, blogged about it here. ( Malpas)

The Above the Fold commentators wish all Above the Fold subscribers peaceful and restful holidays.

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