Harry R. Wagner

Lead Software Engineer

Harry is the lead developer of the following Research projects:

  • Classify. Classify is a service designed to support the assignment of classification numbers for books, DVDs, CDs and many other types of materials.
  • Recommender. Recommender is a Web service that provides recommendations for similar works based on the collective information available from the larger pool of related resources, identified using the OCLC FRBR Work-Set algorithm.
  • Kindred Works. KindredWorks provides a human interface for the Recommender service.
  • xFinder. xFinder is a set of related works-based applications that provide access to millions of works described in WorldCat records for books, eBooks, audio books, movies and television.. Examples include Fiction Finder and Cookbook Finder.

His research interests include Web services, Open-source development, Linux, Python and Java.



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