Karen Smith-Yoshimura

Senior Program Officer

Karen Smith-Yoshimura

Karen Smith-Yoshimura has been working with research institutions affiliated with the trans-national OCLC Research Library Partnership for over twenty-five years. She focuses on issues related to the metadata needed to describe and provide access to the multilingual resources managed by libraries, archives, museums and other cultural heritage organizations. Her most recent work studies identifiers and linked data.

Karen regularly blogs at HangingTogether.org. Her publications are listed here.

Karen worked with the Library of Congress and the Chinese Character Code for Information Interchange's Chinese Character Analysis Group to develop the East Asian Character Code Set for Bibliographic Use, an American standard (Z39.64) that preceded Unicode. She participated in the founding of the Unicode Consortium and served on the US Technical Advisory Committee that contributed to Unicode becoming an international character set standard now used globally.

Before working with the OCLC Research Library Partnership, Karen spent nine years in East Asia, primarily in Japan and Taiwan. She holds a degree in Chinese Studies from Yale University.

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