Lorcan Dempsey

Selected publications

Publications are generally about some or all of the following:

  • resource discovery services
  • metadata - then and now
  • distributed information (and library) systems
  • changing position of libraries in the networked space of flows
  • networking and the curatorial traditions - libraries, archives and museums.

This is a select list with some emphasis on more recent material and on material which is available online. Some representative older articles are also noted, but not comprehensively.

What is the Most Popular Irish Book?
The Irish Times
, June 29, 2017.

Library Collections in the Life of the User: Two Directions
LIBER Quarterly, Vol. 26, No. 4, October 2016.

The Network Reshapes the Library: Lorcan Dempsey on Libraries, Services and Networks
with Ken Varnum.
Chicago, IL: ALA Editions, an imprint of the American Library Association, 2014
WorldCat record: http://www.worldcat.org/title/network-reshapes-the-library-lorcan-dempsey-on-libraries-services-and-networks/oclc/881280201&referer=brief_results

A Platform Publication for a Time of Accelerating Change
with Scott Walter.
College & Research Libraries, 75, November 2014: 760-762.

Collection Directions: The Evolution of Library Collections and Collecting
with Constance Malpas, Brian Lavoie.
portal: Libraries and the Academy, Vol. 14, No. 3, July 2014: 393-423.
Preprint: http://www.oclc.org/content/dam/research/publications/library/2014/oclcresearch-collection-directions-preprint-2014.pdf (.pdf: 649K/44pp.).

The Emergence of the Collective Collection: Analyzing Aggregate Print Library Holdings
In: Understanding the Collective Collection: Towards a System-wide Perspective on Library Print Collections. Dempsey, Lorcan, Brian Lavoie, Constance Malpas, Lynn Silipigni Connaway, Roger C. Schonfeld, JD Shipengrover, and Günter Waibel.
Dublin, Ohio: OCLC Research, 2013.
http://www.oclc.org/content/dam/research/publications/library/2013/2013-09intro.pdf (.pdf:116KB/10pp.).

Understanding the Collective Collection: Towards a System-wide Perspective on Library Print Collections
with Brian Lavoie, Constance Malpas, Lynn Silipigni Connaway, Roger C. Schonfeld, JD Shipengrover, and Günter Waibel.
Dublin, Ohio: OCLC Research, 2013.
http://www.oclc.org/research/publications/library/2013/2013-09.pdf (.pdf: 68.6MB/232pp.).

Thirteen Ways of Looking at Libraries, Discovery, and the Catalog: Scale, Workflow, Attention
EDUCAUSE Review Online, Monday, 10 December 2012.
This article is a slightly amended version of a chapter of the same name which appears in Catalogue 2.0: The Future of the Library Catalogue, edited by Sally Chambers. London: Facet Publishing, 2013. http://www.facetpublishing.co.uk/title.php?id=7166.

Libraries and the Informational Future: Some Notes
http://www.oclc.org/resources/research/publications/library/2012/dempsey-informationalfutures.pdf (302 K/18 pp.)
This e-print is a slightly edited version of a chapter of the same name which appears in Information Professionals 2050: Educational Possibilities and Pathways, edited by Gary Marchionini and Barbara B. Moran. Chapel Hill, NC: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2012, pp. 113-26. http://sils.unc.edu/news/2012/ip2050-book-video.
A slightly edited version of this article also appears on pages 203-214 of Information Services and Use, 32(3-4). http://iospress.metapress.com/content/q74467n473057274/.

Resource discovery in a network environment
Presented at Fifth China—North America Library Conference, 8-12 September 2010, National Library of China, Beijing. http://www.oclc.org/content/dam/research/publications/library/2010/lorcan-china-us10.pdf (.pdf: 430K/15 pp.).

Beyond 1923: Characteristics of Potentially In-copyright Print Books in Library Collections
with Brian Lavoie.
D-Lib Magazine, Vol. 15, No. 11/12, November/December 2009.

Always On: Libraries in a World of Permanent Connectivity
First Monday, Vol. 14, No. 1, 5 January 2009.

Reconfiguring the Library Systems Environment
portal: Libraries and the Academy, Vol. 8, No. 2, April 2008.
http://www.oclc.org/research/publications/archive/2008/dempsey-portal.pdf (.pdf: 195K/18 pp.)

The History of Libraries in Modern 'Britain and Ireland'
Ariadne, Issue 53, October 2007.
Review of Alistair Black and Peter Hoare (eds). 2006. The Cambridge History of Libraries in Britain and Ireland. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press. Volume III, 1850–2000. ISBN-13: 978-0-521-78097-1.

The Library Catalogue in the New Discovery Environment: Some Thoughts
Ariadne, Issue 48, July 2006.

A Service Framework for Libraries
D-Lib Magazine, Vol. 12, No. 7/8, July/August 2006.

Libraries and the Long Tail: Some Thoughts about Libraries in a Network Age
D-Lib Magazine, Vol. 12, No. 4, April 2006.

The (Digital) Library Environment: Ten Years After
Ariadne, Issue 46, February 2006.

Making Data Work Harder
with Brian Lavoie and Lynn Silipigni Connaway.
LibraryJournal.com, January 15, 2006.

Anatomy of aggregate collections: the example of Google Print for Libraries
with Brian Lavoie and Lynn Silipigni Connaway.
D-Lib Magazine, Vol. 11, No. 9, September 2005.
Reprinted in Zeitschrift fur Bibliothekswesen und Bibliographie, Vol. 52, No. 6, 2005. pp 299–310.

Intermediate Consumers
Library Journal / netConnect (15 July 2005).
Also published in The Whole Digital Library Handbook, ed. Diane Kresh, 98–99, Chicago: American Library Association, 2007. Available online (in part) at: http://books.google.com/books?id=fTGFBdalTV0C.

DLF Service Framework for Digital Libraries: A progress report for the DLF Steering Committee, 17 May 2005
with Brian Lavoie, on behalf of the DLF Service Framework Working Group.
http://www.diglib.org/architectures/serviceframe/dlfserviceframe1.pdf (.pdf: 120K/14pp.).

Metadata Switch: thinking about some metadata management and knowledge organization issues in the changing research and learning landscape
with Eric R. Childress, Carol Jean Godby, Thomas B. Hickey, Andrew Houghton, Diane Vizine-Goetz, and Jeff Young
EScholarship: A LITA Guide, ed. Debra Shapiro (2005). February 2005 preprint available.
http://www.oclc.org/research/publications/library/2004/dempsey-mslitaguide.pdf (.pdf: 824K/25pp.)

The three stages of library search
Library + Information Update, November 2004.

Pick up a portal
Library + Information Update, October 2004.

Thirteen ways of looking at ... digital preservation
with Brian F. Lavoie
D-Lib Magazine, Vol. 10, No. 7/8, July/August 2004.
Also published in The Whole Digital Library Handbook, ed. Diane Kresh, 345–358, Chicago: American Library Association, 2007. Available online (in part) at: http://books.google.com/books?id=fTGFBdalTV0C.

The recombinant library: portals and people
Co-published simultaneously in Journal of Library Administration, Vol. 39, No. 4, 2003, pp. 103–136; and in Improved Access to Information: Portals, Content Selection, and Digital Information, edited by Sul H. Lee, pp. 103–136. Binghamton, NY: Haworth (2003).
Pre-print available at http://www.oclc.org/research/staff/dempsey/recombinant_library/

The Distributed National Electronic Resource ( DNER) and the hybrid library
with Stephen Pinfield
Ariadne, Issue 26, January 2001.

RSLP collection description
with Andy Powell and Michael Heaney
D-Lib Magazine, Vol. 6, No. 9, September 2000.

A policy context - eLib and the emergence of the subject gateways
with Derek Law
Ariadne, Issue 25, September 2000.

The subject gateway: experiences and issues based on the emergence of the Resource Discovery Network
Online Information Review, Vol. 24, No. 1, April 2000, pp. 8–23.
Preprint available online at: www.intute.ac.uk/publications/ior-2000-02-dempsey/.

Scientific, industrial and cultural heritage: a shared approach: a research framework for digital libraries, museums and archives
with contributions from a working group
Ariadne, Issue 22, January 2000.
Note: a slightly amended version of a report of the same name prepared for the European Commission's Information Society Directorate-General in the context of Fifth Framework objectives.

International information gateway collaboration: report of the first IMesh Framework Workshop
with Tracy Gardner, Michael Day and Titia van der Werf
D-Lib Magazine, Vol. 5, No. 12, December 1999.

Library places and digital information spaces: reflections on emerging network services
Alexandria, Vol. 11, No. 1, 1999. pp. 51–58.
Note: This is a very slightly amended version of: "Places and spaces" in Towards the digital library: the British Library's Initiatives for Access programme, Leona Carpenter, Simon Shaw and Andrew Prescott, eds. London: British Library, 1998, pp. 234–241.

Virtual library - false dawn? An exchange between Frank Webster and Lorcan Dempsey
with Frank Webster
Ariadne, Issue 20, June 1999.
Note: A condensed version of this exchange appears in Library Association Record, Vol. 101, No. 5, May 1999, pp. 284–5.

The network and the library: working in a new shared space: infrastructure and institutions
The Electronic Library, Vol 17, No. 4, August 1999, pp. 207–11.
Note: a guest editorial article for a special issue on library networking.

Full disclosure: releasing the value of library and archive collections
with Anne Chapman and Nicholas Kingsley
Bath: UKOLN, 1999 (report).
Note: Introductory page at: http://www.ukoln.ac.uk/services/lic/fulldisclosure/intro.html
PDF version: http://www.ukoln.ac.uk/services/lic/fulldisclosure/report.pdf (.pdf: 367K/82pp.)

The library, the catalogue, the broker: brokering access to information in the hybrid library
In: Information landscapes for a learning society: networking and the future of libraries 3. Sally Criddle, Lorcan Dempsey, and Richard Heseltine, eds. London: Library Association Publishing, June 1999, pp. 3–24.

A Utopian place of criticism?: brokering access to network information
with Rosemary Russell and Robin Murray
Journal of Documentation, Vol. 55, No. 1, January 1999, pp. 33–70.

eLib standards guidelines, Version 2
with other contributors
October 1998.

Managing access to a distributed library resource
with Rosemary Russell, Robin Murray, and Richard Heseltine
Program: electronic library and information systems, Vol. 33, No. 3, July 1998, pp.265–281.
http://www.aslib.co.uk/program/1998/jul/04.html (abstract).

Metadata: a current view of practice and issues
with Rachel Heery
Journal of Documentation, Vol. 54, No. 2, March 1998, pp. 145–172.

In at the shallow end: metadata and cross-domain resource discovery
with Rosemary Russell and Rachel Heery
In Discovering online resources across the humanities: a practical implementation of the Dublin Core, Paul Miller and Daniel Greenstein, eds. Bath: UKOLN on behalf of the Arts and Humanities Data Service, 1997, pp. 63–71. ISBN 0-9516856-4-3.

Crossing the great divide: integrating access to the scholarly record
with Daniel Greenstein
In Discovering online resources across the humanities: a practical implementation of the Dublin Core, Paul Miller and Daniel Greenstein, eds. Bath: UKOLN on behalf of the Arts and Humanities Data Service, 1997, pp. 7–10. ISBN 0-9516856-4-3.

"Clumps" - or organised access to printed scholarly material
with Rosemary Russell
Program: electronic library and information systems, Vol. 31, No. 3, July 1997. pp. 239–249.
http://www.aslib.co.uk/program/1997/jul/03.html (abstract)
Note: This is an augmented version of the report of the MODELS workshop which developed the idea of 'clumps'.

The emergence of distributed library services: a European perspective
with Rosemary Russell and Robin Murray - July 1997.
Journal of the American Society of Information Science, Vol. 49, No. 10, 1998, pp. 942–951.

Soul and song: New library: the people's network.
Ariadne, Issue 12, November 1997.
Note: Reprinted in Delivering the electronic library: an Ariadne reader. [Dundee]: The Ariadne Project, 1999. John MacColl, Lyndon Pugh, Lorcan Dempsey (eds), pp. 2–4.

Specification for resource description methods. 1997.
Deliverable 3.2 (1) for Work Package 3 of Telematics for Research project DESIRE
Part 1: A review of metadata: a survey of current resource description formats
with Rachel Heery - March 1997.

ROADS to Desire: some UK and other European metadata and resource discovery projects
D-Lib Magazine, July/August 1996.

The Warwick Metadata Workshop: a framework for the deployment of resource description
with Stuart L. Weibel
D-Lib Magazine, July/August 1996.

Meta Detectors
Ariadne, Issue 3, May 1996.

Towards distributed library systems: Z39.50 in a European context.
with Rosemary Russell and John Kirriemuir
Program: electronic library and information systems, Issue 30, No. 1, January 1996, pp. 1–22.

Readbites: the scandal of serials holdings data.
Catalogue and index, Number 118, Winter 1995. pp. 9.

Library and Information Commission public library Internet survey.
with Sarah Ormes - 1995.

The public library and the information superhighway
Vine, No. 38, 1995.

Network resource discovery: a European library perspective
In: N. Smith, ed. Libraries, networks and Europe: a European networking study. London: British Library Research and Development Department, 1994. (LIR Series 101).
Note: interesting as a review of developments and potential at a particular moment in time, now superseded.
Also available (thanks to Traugott Koch) at: http://www.lub.lu.se/UB2proj/LIS_collection/lorcan.html

Networks, standards and end-user information services
Vine, December 1993.

Publishers and libraries: an all-through system for bibliographic data?
International Cataloguing and Bibliographic Control. Vol. 20, No. 3, July/September 1991, pp.37–41.
RTF version at http://www.ukoln.ac.uk/services/papers/ukoln/dempsey-1991-01/ubcim.rtf

Users' requirements of bibliographic records: publishers, booksellers, librarians
Aslib Proceedings, Vol. 42, No. 2, 1990. pp. 61–69.

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