Lorcan Dempsey

Recent presentations

This is a select list of recent presentations, provided here for ease of reference. Potential readers should be aware that topics develop through presentations, leading to some overlap! Most external presentations have been included, and some internal.


The Changing Nature of Collections in a Network Environment
TRY Library Staff Conference, 1 May 2018, St. Michael's College, University of Toronto, Toronto (Canada)
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Workshop - Building Shared Capacity: Collaborative Library Directions in the UK
RLUK Conference 2018, 14-16 March 2018, London (UK)
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5 December 2017
The Powers of Consortia: Scaling Capacity, Learning, Innovation and Influence
JULAC 50th Anniversary Conference 5-6 December 2017, Hong Kong
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9 October 2017
Libraries, Library Users, and Collections
Jack E. & Debbie T. Thomas Endowed Lecture Series, 9 October 2017, Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri (USA).
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31 May 2017
The Irish Presence in the Published Record
CONUL Annual Conference, 30-31 May 2017, Athlone, (Ireland).
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30 May 2017
The Network Reshapes the Research Library Collection
CONUL Annual Conference, 30-31 May 2017, Athlone, (Ireland).
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21 May 2017
Some Collection Directions: Inside Out, Facilitated, Collective
Ohio Valley Technical Services Group Conference, 21-23 May, Xavier University, Cincinnati, Ohio (USA).
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16 May 2017
Collections: Inside-out, Facilitated and Collective
The Big Ten Academic Alliance Collective Collection: Leveraging a Legacy to Shape Our Shared Future, 16-17 May 2017, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana (USA).
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14 April 2017
Reflections on Collections: How Changes in Research Workflow and the Network Information Space are Changing our View of Collections
Center for Informatics Research in Science and Scholarship Symposium, 14 April 2017, University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign (USA).
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24 March 2017
Collection Directions: Inside-out, Facilitated and Collective
A presentation to staff at Princeton University Library, 24 March 17, Princeton, New Jersey (USA).
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20 October 2016
The Library in the Life of the User: Two Collection Directions
The Transformation of Academic Library Collecting: A Symposium Inspired by Dan C. Hazen, 20-21 October 2016, Harvard Library, Cambridge, Massachusetts (USA).

30 August 2016
Library futures: Converging and Diverging Directions for Public and Academic Libraries
ALIA National Conference, 30 August 2016, Adelaide, South Australia

16 June 2016
Looking at Libraries, Collections, & Technology
Bodleian Library, 16 June 2016, University of Oxford (UK)

11 May 2016
Working Collaboratively: Scaling Infrastructure, Learning and Innovation
Ohio Libraries Day, 11 May 2016, OCLC, Dublin, Ohio (USA)

1 April 2016
Irish Studies: Making Library Data Work Harder
American Conference for Irish Studies, 30 March - 3 Apri 2016, University of Notre Dame, South Bend, Indiana (USA)

17 March 2016
The Road Ahead 4: Challenges and Opportunities for Academic Libraries
The Future of Academic Libraries: A Symposium on Provision for Online & Distance Learning Students, 17 March 2016, The Open University, Milton Keynes (UK)

3 March 2016
Libraries, Collections, Technology
Pennsylvania State University, 3 March 2016, State College, Pennsylvania (USA)


2 December 2015
Towards Collaboration at Scale: Libraries, the Social and the Technical
OCLC Asia Pacific Regional Council Conference, 3 December 2015, RMIT University, Melbourne, Victoria (Australia)

2 December 2015
Library Collections and the Evolving Scholarly Record
OCLC Research Library Partners meeting, 2 December, University of Melbourne, Victoria (Australia)

1 December 2015
The Facilitated Collection: Collections and Collecting in a Network Environment
Libraries Australia 2015 Forum, 1 December, Melbourne, Victoria (Australia)

20 November 2015
Collections Unbound: Collection Directions and the RLUK Collective Collection
RLUK Members' Meeting, 20 November 2015, University of Warwick, Coventry, England (UK)

21 October 2015
The Library in the Life of the User: Some Contextual Remarks
OCLC Research Library Partners, The Library in the Life of the User, 21 October 2015, Chicago, Illinois (USA)

28 September 2015
Environmental Trends and OCLC Research
University of Notre Dame, 28 September 2015, Indiana (USA)

18 May 2015
Libraries: From Technology Artifacts to Technology in Practice
2015 AJCU-CITM / Library Deans Conference at Loyola University Maryland, Baltimore, 18 May 2015, Baltimore, Maryland (USA)

12 May 2015
From Infrastructure to Engagement: Thinking About the Library in the Life of the User
Minitex 24th Annual ILL Conference, 12 May 2015, St Paul, Minnesota (USA).

30 January 2015
Evolving Collection Directions
ALCTS Midwinter Symposium, 30 January, Chicago, Illinois (USA)

30 January 2015
OCLC Symposium: Research in Context
ALA Midwinter 2015, 30 January-3 February, Chicago, Illinois (USA)


7 November 2014
Thinking About Technology: Differently
2014 LITA Forum, 5-8 November 2014, Albuquerque, New Mexico (USA).
(.pptx: 10.7MB/61 slides)

13-14 October 2014
Collection Directions: Towards the Collective (Print) Collection
Asia Pacific Regional Council 2014 Membership Conference, 13-14 October 2014, Jeju City (Republic of Korea).
(.pptx: 11.6MB/51 slides)

7 March 2014
The Library and the Network: Scale, Engagement, Innovation
Georgetown University, 7 March 2014, Washington DC (USA).
(.pptx: 11.5MB/65 slides)

7-8 February 2014
Scale, Engagement, Innovation: Library Directions
Montana Library Association 2014 Offline Conference, 7-8 February 2014, Helena, Montana (USA).
(.pptx: 26MB/73 slides)


20 November 2013
Library Discovery: Past, Present and Some Futures
NISO Virtual Conference: Web-Scale Discovery Services: Transforming Access to Library Resources, 20 November.
(.pptx: 5.7MB/70 slides)

22 October 2013
The Network Repatterns the Library: From Infrastructure to Engagement
Lianza Conference, 20-23 October, Hamilton (New Zealand).
(.pptx: 19.2MB/69 slides)
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11 October 2013
SHARE: Discovery: Focus on Papers
ARL Fall Forum: Mobilizing the Research Enterprise, 10-11 October 2013, Arlington, Virginia (USA).
(.pptx: 3.2MB/31 slides)

9 August 2013
The Network Rebalances the Library: Patterns and Questions
DALNET Educational Forum/Annual Meeting, 9 August 2013, Detroit, Michigan (USA).
(.pptx: 11.9MB/63 slides)

28 June 2013
4 Things About Discovery
Technical Services Directors of Large Research Libraries, ALA 2013 Annual Conference, 28 June-1 July 2013, Chicago, Illinois (USA).
(.pptx: 2.9MB/23 slides)

1 April 2013
The Inside Out Library Redux: Scale, Learning, Engagement
University of Melbourne, 11 April 2013, Melbourne, Victoria (Australia).
(.pptx: 8.0MB/54 slides)
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7 April 2013
Rightscaling, Engagement, Learning: Reconfiguring the Library for a Network Environment
THETA 2013: The Edge of the World—The Higher Education Technology Agenda, 7-10 April 2013, Hobart, Tasmania (Australia).
(.pptx: 6.5MB/57 slides)
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23 January 2013
The Inside Out Library: Scale, Learning, Engagement
BobcatSSS, 23 January 2013, Hacettepe University, Beytepe, Ankara (Turkey).
(.pptx: 9MB/56 slides)


7 October 2012
The Research Library: Scalable Efficiency and Scalable Learning
2012 SLIS David Kaser Lecture Series, Indiana University, 7 October 2012, Bloomington, Indiana (USA).
(.pptx: 5.4MB/57 slides)

7 September 2012
Managing Our Online Profersonal Lives
University of Pittsburgh Library System, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (USA).
(.pdf: 3.4MB/50 slides)

6 June 2012
An Informational Future
Information Professionals 2050 Conference, 5 June 2012, Chapel Hill, North Carolina (USA).
(.pdf: 4.0MB/13 slides)

29 February 2012
What Business Are We In?
OCLC EMEA Regional Council 2012, 19-20 January 2012, 28-29 February 2012, Birmingham, England (UK)
(.pptx: 11.2MB/35 slides)

19-20 January 2012
Reconfiguring Library Boundaries
The Squeezed Middle: Exploring the Future of Library Systems: JISC/SCONUL Workshop, 19-20 January 2012, University of Warwick, Coventry (UK)
(.pptx: 2.94MB/32 slides)


30 November 2011
The Library, The Network
Congrès des milieux documentaires du Québec [French], 30 November 2011, Montreal
(.pptx: 7.9MB/55 slides)

24 November 2011
Reconfiguring Library Boundaries
RLUK Member's Meeting 24 November 2011, London
(.pptx: 4.1MB/43 slides)

3 November 2011
Reconfiguring Library Boundaries and Focus in a Network Environment
XIX Rebiun Annual Meeting [Spanish], 3 November 2011, Barcelona (Spain)
(.pptx: 5.4MB/45 slides)

19 September 2011
Discovery and Disclosure
University of Maryland Libraries, College Park, Maryland (USA)
(.pptx: 6.6MB/68 slides)

2 July 2011
The University Library: Reconfiguring Organizational Boundaries in a Network Environment
LIBER 40th Annual Conference, Barcelona (Spain)
(.pptx: 5MB/42 slides)


9 November 2010
Cooperation in the Digital Age: The Network Reconfigures the Library?
Biblioteksledermøde 2010, Nyborg (Denmark)
(.pptx: 8.32MB/57 slides)

9 June 2010
An Environmental Glance
2010 Annual RLG Partnership Meeting and Symposium, Chicago (USA)
(.pptx: 3.7MB/44 slides)

19 March 2010
Universities, Research Libraries, (Collections) Boundaries
University of Washington Libraries, Seattle (USA)
(.ppt: 2.8MB/54 slides)

4-5 March 2010
Discovery Delivery Disclosure
Lund University Libraries, Lund (Sweden)
(.pptx: 3.3MB/52 slides)
An earlier version of this presentation was given at the University of Minnesota Libraries, 23 November 2009, Minneapolis (USA)


23 November 2009
Discovery Delivery Disclosure
University of Minnesota Libraries, Minneapolis (USA)
(.pptx: 4.6MB/52 slides)

28 October 2009
The Future, the Research Library, and the Architect
Knowlton School of Architecture, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio (USA)
(.ppt: 6.1MB/24 slides)

5 October 2009
The Network, Library Boundaries, and Systemwide Organization
Keynote presentation, Seek, Explore, Discover, The Midwest Chapter, Medical Library Association, Columbus, Ohio (USA)
(.ppt: 3.3MB/36 slides)

23 June 2009
Connection, Concentration and Diffusion: Mobilizing Library Services
2nd M-Libraries Conference opening keynote, University of British Columbia, Vancouver (Canada)
(.ppt 5.8MB/53 slides)

23 March 2009
Systemwide Organization of Information Resources: A Multiscalar Environment
JISC Pre-Conference Forum: Higher Education in a Global Economy: Implications for Technology and JISC (.pdf: 1.4MB/29 pp.), Edinburgh International Conference Centre (UK)
(.ppt 3.0MB/16 slides)


20 October 2008
Web Scale: What and Why
OCLC Members Council general session, Dublin, Ohio (USA)
(.ppt: 4.0MB/20 slides)

13 October 2008
Four Inconsistent Pictures, Some Questions and No Answers: Some Notes About Research Libraries in Modern Times
Cambridge University Library, Cambridge (UK)
(.ppt: 3.2MB/32 slides)

5-7 August 2008
Moving d2d to the Network Level
Rethinking Access to Information (IFLA Satellite Meeting), Boston, Massachusetts (USA)
(.ppt: 7.9MB/42 slides)

11 June 2008
Web 2.0, Library Systems and the Library System
SCONUL Conference, Edinburgh, Scotland (UK)
(.ppt: 9.8MB/47 slides)

20 May 2008
Full Disclosure: Thinking About Library Resources in Web-scale Discovery Environments
Journée abes, Montpellier (France)
(.ppt: 5.3MB/46 slides)

15 April 2008
Networks and Libraries
JISC Conference 2008, Birmingham (UK)
(.ppt: 985KB/15 slides)
Another version of this presentation was given at the UKOLN 30th Anniversary, 10 April 2008, British Library, London (UK)

14 April 2008
The Network Reconfigures the Library: People and Places, Collections and Services
LIR Seminar 2008, Liberty Hall, Dublin (Ireland)
(.ppt: 5.0M/42 slides)
Earlier versions of this presentation were given at the University of Iowa (21 February 2008) and the University of Kansas (5 December 2007).

21 February 2008
The Network Reconfigures the Library: People and Places, Collections and Services
The University of Iowa, Iowa City (USA)
(.ppt: 5.1M/44 slides)
Adapted from the University of Kansas presentation of the same name, 5 December 2007.


5-6 December 2007
The Network Reconfigures the Library: People and Places, Collections and Services
University of Kansas Libraries, Lawrence, Kansas (USA)
(.ppt: 4.9MB/44 slides)
This presentation adapts an earlier one: "The Network Reconfigures the Library: Workforce Issues." The Fourth China-US Library Conference, OCLC, 23-25 October 2007, Columbus, Ohio (USA)

5 December 2007
The Changing Scholarly and Cultural Record
Hall Center for the Humanities, University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas (USA)
(.ppt: 5.5MB/55 slides)

16 November 2007
Libraries in the New Network Environment
San José Public Library and San José State University Library, San José, California (USA)
(.ppt: 3.3MB/49 slides)

13 September 2007
Library Services in the Flow: The Network Reconfigures Everything
Wyoming Library Association conference, Cheyenne, Wyoming (USA)
(.ppt: 4.6MB/61 slides)

14 June 2007
The Network Reconfigures Discovery: The Importance of Disclosure
Ohio State University Libraries, Library 2.0 Conference, Columbus, Ohio (USA)
(.ppt: 5.2MB/47 slides)

6-8 June 2007
Changing Users and Changing Technology: The Network Rewrites the Library
California State University Libraries Futures Summit Meeting, Santa Rosa, California (USA)
(.ppt: 3.4MB/45 slides)

24-25 May 2007
The Virtual Cultural Heritage
LIBER Think tank on the future value of the book as artefact and the future value of digital documentary heritage, National Library of Sweden, Stockholm
(.ppt: 4.4MB/46 slides)

10 May 2007
The Network Rewrites the Library: Supporting Research and Learning
Solinet Annual Meeting, Atlanta, Georgia (USA)
(.ppt: 7.7MB/44 slides)

26 April 2007
The Network Rewrites the Catalog
University of Virginia Library, Charlottesville, Virginia (USA)
(.ppt: 6.6MB/71 slides)

13 April 2007
Thinking about Collections
Fiesole Collection Development Retreat, The University of Hong Kong (China)
(.ppt: 2.5MB/45 slides)

12 April 2007
Environment and People
The Academic Library: Dinosaur or Phoenix?, Chinese University of Hong Kong (China)
(.ppt: 3.3MB/41 slides)

19 March 2007
In the Flow: From Discovery to Disclosure
CIC Library Conference , University of Minnesota, Minneapolis (USA)
(.ppt: 4.7MB/50 slides)

23 February 2007
The Network Rewrites the Library
Phineas L. Windsor Lectureship, UIUC-GSLIS , Urbana-Champaign, Illnois (USA)
(.ppt: 8.45MB/68 slides)

21 January 2007
The New Environment of Description
PCC Participants Meeting , ALA Midwinter Meeting, Seattle, Washington (USA)
(.ppt: 2.6MB/39 slides)

19 January 2007
Moving to the Network Level: Discovery and Disclosure
ALCTS Meeting, ALA Midwinter Meeting, 19 January 2007, Seattle, Washington (USA)
(.ppt: 3.9MB/50 slides)


8 December 2006
Libraries in a web 2.0 environment
Numérique et bibliothèques : le deuxième choc, 4ème édition des Entretiens de la BnF, Bibliothèque National de France, Paris (France)
(.ppt: 3.0MB/47 slides)

1 December 2006
The Library and the Network: A Perspective
All-Staff Day, Arlington County Public Library, Arlington, Virginia (USA)
(.ppt: 7.8MB/69 slides)

24 October 2006
It must change: creating value in a network environment
Library Renaissance Conference Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado (USA)
(.ppt: 4.1MB/44 slides)
This adapts the presentation given at the Montana State University Libraries Symposium listed below (29 September 2006). A version of this presentation was also given at the Minitex/OCLC User Group meeting in the Twin Cities on 16 October 2006

6-7 October 2006
Some collection directions
With contributions by Brian Lavoie.
Center for Research Libraries (CRL) Retreat, Chicago, Illinois (USA)
(.ppt: 2.1MB/37 slides)

29 September 2006
Network *-intermediation
Montana State University Libraries Symposium, Bozeman, Montana (USA)
(.ppt: 4MB/44 slides)

7 July 2006
Resource Discovery
JISC/ CNI Conference , York (UK)
(.ppt: 1.9MB/17 slides)

3 July 2006
The changing digital library landscape: trends in the world of Web 2.0
EDINA 10th Anniversary, University of Edinburgh (Scotland)
(.ppt: 3.7MB/39 slides)
A Webcast of this talk is available from the University's Streaming Media Service:

6 June 2006
Thinking about Libraries in an Amazoogle Environment
Cendi, Washington, DC (USA)
(.ppt: 6.9MB/60 slides)

17 May 2006
Library services in a competitive digital environment
Celtic Connections Conference, Cardiff, Wales (UK)
(.ppt: 6.9MB/60 slides)

13 April 2006
Moving to the network level: Libraries, readers and applications
ORBIS Cascade Alliance Retreat, University of Washington, Seattle, WA (USA)
(.ppt: 4MB/52 slides)

30 March 2006
Libraries and networks: The new cooperative context
University of Illinois, Springfield, IL (USA)
(.ppt: 3.1MB/46 slides)

28 March 2006
4 pictures and a conclusion: The third age of libraries in a network environment
Taiga Forum 2006, Chicago, IL (USA)
(.ppt: 2.4MB/49 slides)

23 March 2006
Structured data, Web 2.0, libraries
Computers in Libraries 2006, Washington, DC (USA)
(.ppt: 2.7MB/44 slides)

16 March 2006
On the discrimination of Huck Finns: A short presentation on FRBR
Reading 2.0, San Francisco, California (USA)
(.ppt: 2.1MB/29 slides)

22 February 2006
Libraries and the network platform: A new cooperative context
2006 OCLC/Frederick G. Kilgour Lecture in Information and Library Science, The School of Information and Library Science, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (USA)
(.ppt: 1.5MB/33 slides)

13 February 2006
Web 2.0 and libraries: Some examples
OCLC Members Council general session, Dublin, Ohio (USA)
(.ppt: 2.6MB/40 slides)


19 October 2005
The library and the network: Flattening the library and turning it inside out
Access 2005, Edmonton, Alberta (Canada)
(.ppt: 4.9MB/43 slides)
An audio recording of this presentation is available online at: http://access2005.library.ualberta.ca/presentations/podcasts/dempsey.mp3 (MP3:15.3MB/67min.)

12 July 2005
Libraries in the age of Amazoogle: Flattened and turned inside out
NoWAL meeting, Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, England (UK)
(.ppt: 3.8MB/36 slides)

An earlier version of this presentation is available as:
The Inside out library: Libraries in the age of Amazoogle
LIBER Pre-conference: Converging and Dissolving the University Library, 5 July 2005, University Library of Groningen (the Netherlands)
(.ppt: 4.8MB/45 slides)

15-17 June, 2005
Looking at libraries
NetLibrary Publishers' Summit Meeting, Estes Park, Colorado (USA)
(.ppt: 2.7MB/34 slides)

17 May 2005
Making data work harder
OCLC Members Council General Session, "Spotlight on OCLC Research for the Library Landscape," Dublin, Ohio (USA)
(.ppt: 6.4MB/26 slides)

An earlier version of this presentation was given at:
Ohio Valley Group of Technical Services Librarians (OVGTSL) 2005 Conference May 13 2005, Newark, Ohio (USA)
(.ppt: 6.7MB/34 slides)

9-11 March 2005
We are the network people
Tenth Annual AgNIC Coordinating Committee Meeting , Potomac, MD (USA)
(.ppt: 1.8MB/20 slides)

4-6 February 2005
Metadata: Practice and practice
CLIR workshop, Managing Digital Assets: A Primer for Library and Information Technology Administrators, Charleston, South Carolina (USA)
(.ppt: 3.7MB/58 slides)



6-7 December 2004
Going 'On-Web' : Google, Yahoo, Open WorldCat and library services
with Chip Nilges, at CNI 2004 Fall Task Force Meeting, Portland, Oregon (USA)
(.ppt: 2.4MB/29 slides)

12-17 September 2004
Libraries, digital libraries and digital library research
ECDL2004: the 8th European Digital Library Conference, University of Bath, England (UK)
(.ppt: 5.4MB/29 slides)

8-9 July 2004
Libraries and the Enchantment of E-learning: Report from an OCLC sponsored task force
(.ppt: 147K/15 slides)

Libraries in the age of Amazoogle: Some issues and responses: The example of OpenWorldCat
(.ppt: 810K/26 slides)

Both of the above given at the JISC/ CNI Meeting 2004: The future of scholarship in the digital age Brighton, England (UK)

15 June 2004
OCLC: Some development and research directions in the areas of metadata management and knowledge organization
Library of Congress Cataloging managers retreat, Washington, DC (USA).
(.ppt: 3.5MB/57 slides)

20 May 2004
Metadata practice and direction: A community perspective
NISO Workshop: Metadata Practices on the Cutting Edge, Washington, DC (USA).
(.ppt: 2.6MB/39 slides)

4 May 2004
The pattern is new in every moment: Observations on issues affecting libraries and archives within the framework of the 2003 OCLC environmental scan
Presentation to Library and Archives Canada, Ottawa (Canada).
A version of this presentation was also given to the Library of Congress Cataloging managers' retreat 15 June 2004 and to library staff at the University of Oxford 7 July 2004.
(.ppt: 4.8MB/60 slides)

17 April 2004
Interoperability: The value of recombinant potential
Given at ARLIS 2004, the 32nd Annual Conference of the Art Libraries Society of North America, New York City (USA).
(.ppt: 2.6MB/28 slides)

16 April 2004
Observations on: The 2003 OCLC Environmental Scan: Pattern Recognition
CNI Spring 2004 Task Force Meeting , Alexandria, Virginia (USA)
(.ppt: 3.8MB/48 slides)

16 February 2004
Terms and conditions ... libraries, subject terminologies and the web
Opening address to Dewey Editorial Policy Committee Retreat, Dublin, Ohio (USA).
(.ppt: 4.3MB/52 slides)

13 February 2004
A National Terminology Service?
Opening address to JISC Terminology Services Workshop, London, England (UK).
(.ppt: 850KB/25 slides)

10 February 2004
OCLC Research
Presentation to February 2004 Members Council General Session, "OCLC Innovation and Demonstration," Dublin, Ohio (USA).
(.ppt: 6.3MB/42 slides)

5 February 2004
Places, collections and services
Closing keynote paper given at VALA2004: Breaking Boundaries: Integration & Interoperability, the 12th Biennial Conference and Exhibition of the Victorian Association for Library Automation Inc., Melbourne (Australia)
(.ppt: 3.2MB/43 slides)

2 February 2004
OCLC and FRBR: Directions and research results
Revolution or Evolution? The impact of FRBR , organized by the Australian Committee on Cataloging, Melbourne Convention Centre (Australia)
(.ppt: 11.4MB/35 slides)


5 December 2003
13 ways of saying something ordinary in New Haven: some notes about libraries in a changing environment
Presentation to the staff of Yale University Libraries, New Haven, Connecticut (USA).
(.ppt: 3KB/34 slides)

29 October 2003
Thinking About Institutional Repositories ...
Presentation at Regional OCLC Network Directors Advisory Committee (RONDAC) meeting, Dublin, Ohio (USA).
Earlier versions of this presentation were given at the NELINET Summit on Institutional Repositories, Scarboro, Massachusetts, September 30, 2003, and at the Research Libraries Advisory Committee (RLAC) Meeting, Dublin, Ohio, September 15, 2003.
(.ppt: 1.1MB/36 slides)

29 May 2003
Pattern recognition
Keynote presentation, PALINET 7th Annual OCLC Users Conference
(.ppt: 3.5MB/34 slides)

15 May 2003
Place and space: collections and access in light of changing patterns of research and learning: a schematic view
'A community commons: libraries in the new century' 142nd ARL Membership Meeting, University of Kentucky, Lexington
(.ppt: 2.1MB/25 slides)

25 April 2003
Collections, networks, places
A presentation to New York University Library faculty
(.ppt: 2.8MB/29 slides)
Note: Give or take a few slides, this is a shorter version of the 3 April 2003 Cornell presentation.

3 April 2003
A local habitation and a name: libraries, places, and networks
A presentation to Cornell University Libraries Academic Assembly
(.ppt: 3.3MB/36 slides)

27 March 2003
Collection directions
ACCUL Meeting (Advisory Committee on College and University Libraries, OCLC)
(.ppt: 5.4MB/26 slides)

17 March 2003
Interoperability: recombinant potential
' Opportunities for applied research on the creation, management, preservation, and use of digital content'
An IMLS workshop, Washington DC
(.ppt: 1.1MB/22 slides)

7 March 2003
The recombinant library: portals and people
'Improved Access to Information', a conference organized by University of Oklahoma Libraries, Oklahoma City
(.ppt: 3.5MB/35 slides)

10 February 2003
Overview of OCLC Research Programme
OCLC Members' Council, Digital Libraries Research Interest Group
(.ppt: 442K/9 slides)

11 February 2003
Web Services
OCLC Members' Council, Digital Libraries Research Interest Group
(.ppt: 126K/9 slides)


14 November 2002; updated 18 December 2002
Becoming digital
A presentation given at the LAMA National Institute, 2002, Naples, Florida
Note: this was part of a multipart session shared with David Seaman of the Digital Library Federation
(.ppt: 8.4MB/64 slides)

21/22 October 2002
Digital Library and OCLC Research - Includes 10.22 presentation on Web portals
OCLC Members' Council Digital Library Research Interest Group
(.ppt: 504K/21 slides.)

16 October 2002
Common Challenges, Common Issues
'School for Scanning: Creating, Managing, and Preserving Digital Assets', Koninklijke Bibliotheek, The Hague
(.ppt: 436K/22 slides)

15 October 2002
The changing information landscape
'The Virtual Library', Brussels
(.ppt: 379K/15 slides)

10 September 2002
OCLC Research: An Update
A presentation given at the University of Wisconsin Madison (Organized by WILS)
(.ppt: 2.45MB/26 slides)

9 September 2002
Future libraries: diffuse, ambient, recombinant
A presentation given to library staff at the University of Minnesota
(.ppt: 1.56MB/34 slides)

15 August 2002
Metadata in a distributed information environment: Interoperability as recombinant potential
'New directions in metadata', an OCLC/ SCURL IFLA pre-conference
(.ppt: 1.24MB/32 slides)

26 June 2002
Divided by a common language: digital library developments in the UK and the US
The 4th International JISC/CNI Conference, Edinburgh
HTML: www.ukoln.ac.uk/events/jisc-cni-2002/presentations/ppt-2000-html/lorcan-dempsey_files/frame.htm
PPT: www.ukoln.ac.uk/events/jisc-cni-2002/presentations/lorcan-dempsey.ppt (.ppt: 5.6MB/59 slides)

21 May 2002
Metadata switch
OCLC Members' Council Research Interest Group 05.20-21.02
(.ppt: 475KB/15 slides)

8 May 2002
Changing landscapes: 13 4 ways of looking at libraries
OCLC Digital Cooperative Meeting
(.ppt: 927K/20 slides)

2 May 2002
Technology: 13 ways of looking at…
SOLINET Annual Meeting
(.ppt: 2.3MB/51 slides)

12 April 2002
It's learning and research, stupid
' NetLab and friends', NetLab's 10th-anniversary conference, Lund, Sweden
(.ppt: 3.2MB/47 slides)

6 March 2002
Access to distributed resources
OCLC Institute Post-Conference (following the OCLC Research Library Directors Conference)
(.ppt: 1.1MB/30 slides)

5 March 2002
Place in Space: library services in a shared network space
OCLC Research Library Directors Conference
(.ppt: 1.94MB/35 slides)