OCLC Research's Andrew Pace Contributes Chapter to Book on Collaboration and the Academic Library

Andrew K. Pace, Executive Director for Technical Research, and Tom Storey, Editor in Branding & Creative Services, wrote the chapter “OCLC: Enabling Collaboration and Innovation With and Between Academic Libraries, Nationally and Internationally,” which is a part of the book Collaboration and the Academic Library: Internal and External, Local and Regional, National and International now available from Elsevier.

The book explores the considerable change that has affected universities and academic libraries in recent years, acknowledging that the academic library increasingly needs to operate in partnership with its users and other professionals and organizations to be successful. The book looks at all aspects of collaboration affecting academic libraries, both internally and externally, to help the reader understand future directions for collaborative activities in a complex and difficult working environment.

Pace and Storey’s chapter looks at OCLC as an example of academic library cooperation on a global and national scale. It explores OCLC membership and governance structures as well as cooperative services and cooperative data. Their chapter describes what OCLC has done to enable collaboration and innovation and reflects on some of the challenges and issues of managing and growing a library cooperative. Pace and Storey conclude with a discussion on the importance of international cooperation to the library profession and the opportunities for further collaboration.

“It was nice to get the opportunity to combine a piece that differentiates OCLC from other players in this space while at the same time emphasizing both our governance model and the tangible things OCLC is doing to improve library cooperation,” says Pace.

Read more about the book on the Elsevier website.

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