C&RL Journal Article by OCLC Researchers Examines Libraries' RDM Experiences

Published this month in the College & Research Libraries Journal, the article Librarians' Perspectives on the Factors Influencing Research Data Management Programs explores the factors that influence research data management (RDM) programs at US academic libraries. In the qualitative study, Ixchel M. Faniel, Research Scientist, and Lynn Silipigni Connaway, Senior Research Scientist and Director of User Research, examine librarians' RDM experiences, specifically the factors that influence their ability to support researchers' needs.

Findings from interviews with 36 academic library professionals in the US identify five factors of influence:

1) technical resources

2) human resources

3) researchers' perceptions about the library

4) leadership support

5) communication, coordination, and collaboration

Faniel and Connaway give context to librarians' roles in campus RDM and the emerging research around this topic, and then explore in depth the findings that show how different aspects of the above five factors facilitate or constrain RDM activity.

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