Godby Chapter in 'Linked Data for Cultural Heritage' Receives Positive Review

In the July edition of College & Research Libraries (Vol. 78, No 5), Lizzy Walker reviews the book Linked Data for Cultural Heritage and had positive comments on the chapter by OCLC Senior Research Scientist Jean Godby titled "A Division of Labor: The Role of Schema.org in a Semantic Web Model of Library Resources."

In the chapter, Godby details OCLC's experiments with Schema.org, OCLC's research into linked data as a potential replacement for MARC and more. Walker writes, "There is a lot of valuable and informative data for libraries to move forward with linked data experiments and initiatives in this chapter, including a detailed history of OCLC's research into the potential of linked data as a replacement for MARC, the British Library Data Model, and more. Godby mentions OCLC's skepticism of Schema.org and how it was overcome."

She adds, "The reader may find this to be the most valuable chapter out of the book because of the history of the research, the findings, and the possibilities that Schema.org offers libraries. For those most apprehensive about Schema.org, they should take a close look at this particular chapter. It may not wholly change your mind, but it does make one ponder the opportunities this service can open up for our institutions."

Read the entire review at http://crl.acrl.org/index.php/crl/article/view/16720/18227.

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