Lorcan Dempsey to Deliver Keynote Presentations at Three Conferences in May

This month, Vice President, Membership and Research and OCLC Chief Strategist, Lorcan Dempsey, will give keynote presentations at three significant conferences. On 16 May, Dempsey will present at The Big Ten Academic Alliance Collective Collection: Leveraging a Legacy to Shape Our Shared Future at Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN; on 22 May, he will present a keynote at Technical Services by Design at Xavier University Library in Cincinnati, OH; and on 30 May, he will give the keynote presentation at CONUL Conference 2017 in Athlone, Ireland.

At each conference, he will talk about how changing research practices and network behaviors are making libraries rethink their collections as part of an evolving service portfolio.

The library collection has been central to library identity and service, however, we are now seeing major changes in how libraries help discover, curate and create collections. This is a response to evolving research and learning behaviors in a network environment. The presentations will consider trends that are influencing how we think about library curatorial activities and are reshaping their collections. The first direction is the "inside-out library," which is a response to the reorganization of research work by the digital environment. The second is the "facilitated collection," which is a response to the reorganization of the information space by the network. Finally, he will talk about how each of these trends supports the emergence of "collective collections," where libraries are organizing collection activities collectively, above the institutional level.

In addition, at CONUL 2017, he will present early results of an analysis by Brian Lavoie, OCLC Research Scientist, on the characteristics and diffusion of the Irish published record throughout the world.

To learn more, look for slides from Dempsey's presentations on the OCLC Research website after the conferences.

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