Lynn Silipigni Connaway to Deliver Keynote Addresses to Library Colleagues in Taipei, Taiwan

On December 7 at National Taiwan University, Lynn will be presenting "OCLC User Research Update: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" a summary of the past 12+ years of User Research conducted by OCLC. Ongoing work indicates that while users and potential users may be aware of the library and some of its services, they do not view the library as successfully integrating these services into their increasingly digital workflows. Users instead retain a traditional view of the library as a physical place that stores collections and, therefore, these users are willing to settle for less ideal but easily obtainable information from search engines or their social networks, peers, and authority figures. After delving into these issues, Lynn will suggest the implications of this research informing how librarians can better integrate libraries into users' workflows.
On December 10 Lynn will deliver a keynote titled "Visitors and Residents: The Hows and Whys of Engagement with Technology" at the Annual Meeting of the Library Association of the Republic of China (LAROC), taking place at National Central Library. She will summarize the methodology and findings from OCLC's Visitors and Residents research project. After distinguishing visitor and resident modes of technology engagement, Lynn will address the importance of understanding both librarian and user modes of engagement as well as how librarians can best position the library and its services to account for these modes. The keynote will be streamed.

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Patrick A Confer
Web Projects Manager
OCLC Research