OCLC and ACRL Team Up for Collaborative Project


When it comes to impactful research, OCLC recognizes that collaboration is key.

OCLC has partnered with the Association of College & Research Libraries to design, develop and deliver a new ACRL agenda "Action-Oriented Research Agenda on Library Contributions to Student Learning and Success."

The team will be led by OCLC’s Lynn Silipigni Connaway, joined by William Harvey, consulting software engineer at OCLC, and Vanessa Kitzie and Stephanie Mikitish, both doctoral candidates in the Library and Information Science program at Rutgers University. The team will seek regular feedback from both ACRL’s Value of Academic Libraries committee and an advisory group consisting of academic librarians at 12 institutions that include community colleges, four-year colleges and research universities from secular, non-secular, public and private institutions representing the four geographical regions of the United States.

Lorcan Dempsey, Vice President and Chief Strategist at OCLC Research, commented, "This project fits perfectly with our commitment to act as a community resource for shared research and development. Like ACRL, we are committed to scaling learning and innovation across the communities we serve. We are really pleased to be collaborating with ACRL on a project to advance thinking on a central library question."

ACRL’s Executive Director, Mary Ellen K. Davis echoed the sentiment, "We are excited to be working with OCLC Research to create this new agenda as a way to both guide academic librarians on actions they can take now to communicate their contributions to higher education and to identify essential areas that merit further investigation."

The team’s work began in early August 2016 and includes a presentation at this fall’s Library Assessment Conference as well as an online open forum in mid-November to share progress with the broader community and solicit feedback. A final document will be published in June 2017.


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Lynn Silipigni Connaway
Senior Research Scientist
OCLC Research

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Pictured (L-R) OCLC Research Scientist Lynn Silipigni Connaway, OCLC Vice President and Chief Strategist Lorcan Dempsey, ACRL Executive Director Mary Ellen K. Davis.