Linked Data Survey Results analyzed in new article

This article by Karen Smith-Yoshimura, published in D-Lib Magazine, provides an overview of the linked data projects that institutions or organizations have implemented or are implementing, what data they publish and consume, and the reasons for implementing linked data and the barriers encountered. Relatively small projects are emerging and provide a window into future opportunities. Applications that take advantage of linked data resources are currently few and are yet to demonstrate value over existing systems.

Read the article: "Analysis of International Linked Data Survey for Implementers"

You can also read more analysis and commentary by Karen in today's HangingTogether post.

Two linked data surveys have been completed. This article reviews the second of those surveys. For more information on the first survey from 2014, you can read Karen's earlier HangingTogether posts:

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Linked Data Survey results 5 – Technical details

Linked Data Survey results 6 – Advice from the implementers


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