Sharable Local Name Authorities - OCLC Research Participates in IMLS Grant

OCLC Research will partner with grant recipient Cornell University Library and several other organizations to hold a national forum on issues concerning local authorities in library metadata. Under the lead of Chew Chiat Naun of Cornell, the forum has the objective to seek a common understanding among various stakeholders of the problems inherent in sharing authorities. Stakeholders include the LAM community, vendors of integrated library systems (ILS) and research information management services, authority vendors, content providers, academic administrators, and the communities they serve. This work is being funded by a $98,484 grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS).

From the grant proposal: "By facilitating a national forum, we plan to identify solutions for facilitating the creation of more shareable authorities. This is a critical area in which a highly collaborative effort can promote interoperable metadata and linked data readiness. [...] Linked data offers the promise of unified discovery of knowledge relating to persons and organizations in place of the current fragmented user experience. [...] The goals of the forum are firstly to develop this shared understanding and document it in the form of a reference model and associated white paper, and secondly to identify and characterize a set of larger objectives around which interested stakeholders can convene to plan further action."

The potential impact of addressing issues related to sharing local authorities includes aiding cross-platform discovery and supporting research information management, such as tracking scholarly output.

The full list of institutions participating in this grant includes: Cornell University Library, the Library of Congress, OCLC, the Program for Cooperative Cataloging, the ORCID organization, the Coalition for Networked Information, the Social Networks and Archival Context Cooperative, the BIBFLOW project, Stanford University Library and Harvard Library.

More information about the grant award is available from the IMLS website.

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Jean Godby
Senior Research Scientist
OCLC Research