Research Scientist Ixchel Faniel Interviewed about Work on Data Reuse


Ixchel Faniel, Ph.D., was interviewed by Thomas Padilla for dh+lib as a part of its Data Praxis Series.

Dr. Faniel discussed her interests in reuse of research data within academic communities and the role of libraries and librarians in supporting researchers’ data sharing, management and reuse. The interview ranged over various aspects of Dr. Faniel and colleagues’ work including the development of a context-driven approach to information reuse with a focus on how contextual information can best be curated and preserved, foregrounding of the sometimes conflicting needs of various groups of data reuse stakeholders and exploration of ways to bridge the experience and knowledge of researchers studying phenomena and the expertise of practitioners implementing research data services.

The interview provides a succinct summary of some of Dr. Faniel’s research and contributions in the area of research data management and reuse, as well as a view of current and future inquiry which supports the broader work of OCLC Research in the thematic areas of User Studies and Research Collections and Support.

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