Videos from the Library in the Life of the User meeting now available


If you missed all or part of the OCLC Research Library Partnership meeting, the Library in the Life of the User, or just want to review its insightful presentations and interesting discussions, see the event page for links to videos and slides from the meeting. In addition, view the video playlist on YouTube and read our report that recaps the meeting, Shaping the Library to the Life of the User: Adapting, Empowering, Partnering, Engaging.

This meeting presented information about how ethnography and design thinking can help to bring insights into the life of the user outside the library that can help us to think about providing more meaningful support based on what students and others really do, the importance and significance of convenience and satisficing, and the importance of understanding real and not imagined workflows.

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Merrilee Proffitt
Senior Program Officer
OCLC Research

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Senior Communications Officer
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