"Stewarding NYPL's Audio and Moving Image Research Collections into the Future" webinar recording available

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View this webinar recording to hear Ann Thornton, Evelyn Frangakis and Bill Stingone describe New York Public Library's efforts to assess, prioritize and develop long-term strategies for its audio and moving image (AMI) research collections, which are among the largest and most significant in the world. These collections form an invaluable resource for scholars and artists, and provide the world with an irreplaceable record of its cultural heritage. In the next 10-15 years the majority of this media is at risk of loss due to degradation, unsupported media technologies, and the increasingly cost-prohibitive nature of preservation reformatting. NYPL is committed to the preservation and future availability of these collections and seeks timely, efficient strategies to build on and expand its established preservation program to meet the very real and urgent needs of these collections.

This was the second webinar in our Works in Progress: an OCLC Research Occasional Webinar Series, exclusively for OCLC Research Library Partners. OCLC Research Library Partners are invited to participate in these Works in Progress webinars to informally review and provide feedback on work happening in OCLC Research, as well as to tell us what they are working on that everyone should know about and what input would help them move forward. Although webinar attendance is exclusively for OCLC Research Library Partners, the webinar recordings are made publicly available afterward.

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