OCLC Research launches Terms of Use and Reuse for Finding Aid Metadata project

OCLC Research is facilitating a focused discussion about metadata in finding aids within a scoped effort to produce guidelines for terms of use and reuse of finding aid metadata. We have convened a working group whose members are in contact with archival authorities and associations internationally, such as the Society of American Archivists and the International Council of Archives.

The goal of this project is to promote a culture of sharing finding aid metadata that enables aggregators, consortia and others to more easily use and reuse metadata in finding aids. We plan to accomplish this by leveraging good precedents and providing recommendations on how to state the terms of use and reuse for finding aid metadata. We aim to create a short, pragmatic, forward-looking statement about principles and best practices for terms of use and reuse in the archives community that will provide examples of what this type of openness would and would not facilitate. This statement will include links to existing examples and sample language that can be edited and repurposed to align with institutional objectives and parameters.

For more details about this project, see the Terms of Use and Reuse for Finding Aid Metadata web page.

For more information:

Jennifer Schaffner
Program Officer
OCLC Research

Melissa Renspie
Senior Communications Officer
OCLC Research