"A Platform Publication" and "Consortial Book Circulation Patterns" featured in November 2014 issue of C&RL

In "A Platform Publication for a Time of Accelerating Change," Lorcan Dempsey and Scott Walter argue that academic libraries need a platform publication similar to EDUCAUSE Review to aggregate attention in their communities and beyond, and that College & Research Libraries is the most natural place to start.

In "Consortial Book Circulation Patterns: The OCLC-OhioLINK Study," Edward T. O'Neill and Julia A. Gammon outline the study methodology, analyze the data, and offer insights into the consortium-wide collection usage from their OhioLINK Collection and Circulation Analysis, the largest and most diverse compilation of academic usage data for books ever collected.

Both articles are available as full text in College & Research Libraries vol. 75 no. 6.

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Lorcan Dempsey
Vice President, Research, and Chief Strategist

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Senior Communications Officer
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