"Measuring Up: Assessing Use of Digital Repositories and the Resulting Impact" project receives IMLS Grant

OCLC Research joins Montana State University, the Association of Research Libraries, and the University of New Mexico as partners to examine the difficulties that libraries face in producing accurate reports of the use of their digital repositories through web analytics software and recommend best practices that help improve accuracy and consistency of these reports while also protecting user privacy. The group has received a $500,000 IMLS National Leadership Grant for their "Measuring Up: Assessing Use of Digital Repositories and the Resulting Impact" project, the goal of which is to provide the necessary frameworks, data models, and best practices librarians and archivists need to establish baselines, measure progress, and make informed policy decisions. Additional recommendations will include an assessment framework so that libraries may begin to measure the impact of open access institutional repositories to evaluate digital library performance and enable impact studies on author citation rates and university rankings.

OCLC Research staff will collaborate with project partners to develop and evaluate new models of institutional repositories that are more visible to Internet search engines and more consistent across collections within and between libraries. Senior Research Scientist Jean Godby and Senior Program Officers Ricky Erway and Roy Tennant will serve on an advisory panel for the project. In addition, Research Support Specialist Jeff Mixter will spend 50% of his time for the next three years designing, developing and testing the models for the project.

"Measuring Up: Assessing Use of Digital Repositories and the Resulting Impact” is a follow up to the earlier "Getting Found: SEO for Digital Repositories" IMLS-funded project in which OCLC Research staff Jean Godby and Jeff Mixter collaborated with Semantic Web experts at Montana State University to develop strategies for improving the visibility of library digital repositories in Internet search engines.

See the Montana State University news release and the IMLS grant announcement for more information about this grant.

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