OCLC Research offers Above the Fold readers new options

OCLC Research launched the e-newsletter Above the Fold in September 2008, and its audience has been steadily growing since. To give readers additional options for receiving, consuming and engaging with Above the Fold, we’re changing our publication process. We're shifting our practices so that each ATF article will appear as an individual blog post on the new Above the Fold blog along with our commentary, and we’ll tweet those posts from @ATFOCLC. If you’d like to get notified as they appear, you can follow @ATFOCLC or get an RSS feed from the blog. When we’ve got an issue-worthy set of 5-6 new recommendations we will send them out in our traditional e-newsletter format. The tweets, blogs and e-newsletters will all link back to the blog where you can tell other readers (and us) what you think.

If you already subscribe to the Above the Fold e-newsletter, we thank you for being part of our audience. Your experience with Above the Fold won’t change unless you take advantage of these new opportunities. If you like ATF we hope you’ll share it with others. If you’re new to ATF, we welcome you to our community of readers.           

For more information:

Jim Michalko
Vice President
OCLC Research Library Partnership

Melissa Renspie
Senior Communications Officer
OCLC Research


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