Lynn Silipigni Connaway and Erin Hood to present at EDUCAUSE Conference on 16 October in Anaheim, CA

OCLC Senior Research Scientist Lynn Silipigni Connaway, Ph.D., Research Support Specialist Erin Hood, and Donna M. Lanclos, Associate Professor for Anthropological Research at University of North Carolina Charlotte, will present "Meeting the Needs of Digital Visitors and Residents: Developing Engagement with Institutional Services" in room 304A/B of the Anaheim Convention Center from 2:30-3:20 Pacific Time.

This session will present the framework and findings of the U.S.-U.K. collaborative three-year longitudinal Visitors and Residents project to identify how students and faculty engage with technology and information sources. Attendees will actively participate by mapping their own and their institutional communities' patterns of engagement with technology and information sources. They also will:

  • Identify modes of engagement for personal and institutional situations.
  • Identify how the community engages with technology and how that engagement changes.
  • Identify how institutions can better engage the community in the use of institutionally provided technology and resources.

EDUCAUSE is a nonprofit association whose mission is to advance higher education through the use of information technology. The EDUCAUSE Annual Conference takes place 16-18 October and consists of both on-site and virtual conference activities. The theme of this year's conference is "The Best Thinking in Higher Education IT."

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Lynn Silipigni Connaway, Ph.D.
Senior Research Scientist
OCLC Research

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